Kenya Blog Day 7

This trip has been absolutely life-changing. The Lord has shown me that the key to living a missions lifestyle is to serve others first and focus on loving the person in front of you. The love that the kids from … View Page

Kenya Blog Day 6

There are no words to express the things I’ve experienced and how AMAZING Kenya is. Today we had a “fun day” where all the kids had the chance to play & dance around! There was a water slide, train ride, … View Page

Kenya Blog Day 5

Back in February, I asked my husband if he wanted to go with me to Kenya this year to meet our sponsor children. We thought it would be fun. Little did I know that this decision came from someone far … View Page

Kenya Blog Day 4

Today can be summed up in one phrase, “the love and grace of Jesus is thriving here in Kenya”, and today was such a perfect example of just that. We were up early, ready to jump into our first day … View Page

Kenya Blog Day 3

How can I even explain today… it felt like a dream. But A Dream with also a harsh realization for the people in Kenya. Walking the slums of Pangani is something I can’t even put words to, but the smiles … View Page

Kenya Blog Day 2

Today we had the immense pleasure of attending our Kenya church, and I can’t adequately put into words the joy I experienced in the service this morning. It wasn’t because the church was beautiful; it wasn’t because the worship sounded … View Page

Kenya Blog Day 1

The trip so far has been crazy fun. Being with my team and experiencing the long flights and beautiful scenery has been amazing. When we landed in Kenya and got on the bus to ride to the place we’re staying, … View Page

Ignite Kenya Team Final Blog

Since we departed for Kenya two weeks ago, it has been non-stop.   We are currently sitting in the Dubai airport awaiting our last flight, and I’m finally getting a moment to process all the great things that God did. … View Page

Ignite Kenya Blog Day 7

 I know that all of you have heard something like this: “By doing you will understand,” but let me tell you, I am doing it right now and I get it. Missions is a huge way for you to just … View Page

Ignite Kenya Team Blog 6

Today was Day 2 of our partnering with Missions Of Hope International to put on a Youth Conference to reach the Youth of Mathare Valley for Christ.  This was a dream come true to see the Hall packed again with overflowing … View Page