Himalayas Blog 6

Me. Generally my thoughts are centered around just that, me. What am I doing? What makes me comfortable? What can I work towards that makes me more centered on me? In preparing for this trip, attacks have come in ways … View Page

Himalayas Blog 5

One of the most beautiful things about walking into an unfamiliar environment is that your eyes and heart are open to the details. There is awareness. We’ve been in country for less than two days, but I find myself caught … View Page

Himalayas Blog 4

Last year when GO talked about this trip, I was drawn to the thought of trekking hope from village to village. When I look back on my life, I feel like God has motivated me to be fit and active … View Page

Nepal Blog Day 2

(The team was asked to each provide a pre-blog essay when they arrived in-country, which we will use for the days they are trekking and out of range of normal communication.) Two of my life passions are hiking in amazing … View Page

Nepal Trip Team Blog 1

We started today by getting acquainted and learning more about what we will be doing while we are here. We all left super encouraged and ready for our journey ahead. Then we went to one of the largest Hindu temples … View Page

HS Holy Land Blog FINAL

My favorite place we went to today was Capernaum. I got to get a new visual on a place that I had read about in stories and see where Jesus and the disciples called home for a bit. While we … View Page

HS Holy Land Blog Day 9

This has been a memorable trip to say the least. Eight years ago I would never have imagined that I would have had the opportunity to teach in the Holy Land. There were many moments where I was deeply humbled … View Page

HS Holy Land Blog Day 7

Wow what a day! Today was a whirlwind of beautiful places and impactful study. We visited Mount Carmel where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal, Caesarea Maritime where Paul was held for a period of time, Nazareth the hometown of … View Page

HS Holy Land Blog Day 7

Today was such a memorable day, for not only myself, but for the entire team. I say for the team because of how well we bonded over this trip. We started the day off leaving the hotel and driving to … View Page

HS Holy Land Blog Day 5

We started the day off going to church and we were able to experience what RCO church is like for the kids and their families. Erin and I were able to give a short devotional during the service.  We shared … View Page