This is an organization with great vision seeking people who would be an exceptional addition to a talented, dedicated and enthusiastic ministry team all aimed toward helping us achieve the God-given dream. To apply for open positions, click here!

Executive Team


IMG_0366           IMG_0369           Chuck

Chuck Booher // Senior Pastor
Has lost nearly 100 pounds. He is a neat freak. He marks being the 7th pastor of Crossroads. As a hobby he melts light bulbs. Always has a new gadget.

If you would like Pastor Chuck to speak at your church or event, please fill out the Speaking Engagement Form.

Taleah           IMG_0350           IMG_0342

Taleah Murray // Chief of Staff
Played softball and baseball in high school. She is a total jock.

EJ3           EJ1           EJ2

EJ Romero // Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor’s Office
One of most gentle-spirited people you may ever meet. Wants to marry a banjo player and used to be allergic to the sun.

Doug           IMG_0319           IMG_0323

Doug Husen // Executive Pastor and Superintendent of Crossroads Schools
Knows everyone in Corona and once rode his skateboard to work. Hasn’t worn deodorant in 5+ years. Beware of worshipping arms.

Melly2           Melly1_0327           Melly3

Emilia Rivera // Executive Assistant to Doug Husen
Energetic enough to keep up with Pastor Doug Husen and is also known as “Melly.” Even though she’s a native Indonesian, she is musically challenged so she should NOT serve on the worship team like the other fellow Indonesians.


Communications Ministry:



Kasey Husen // Executive Director of Communications
Was Young Miss Corona and has been singing for Crossroads since 6 years old. She sleep walks frequently. Had an R&B recording contract and can be found on YouTube!


Kelli Crawford // Event Coordinator
She once played a softball game in 5” heels. Don’t let this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl fool you, she’s competitive when it comes to sports. She can hold her own in any conversation about Star Wars.


Kristen Rodriguez // Graphics Coordinator
Drinks Starbucks every morning. Of all current staff, she has worked at Crossroads the longest.


Sue Toulouse // Printing Coordinator
In her free time she crochets caps for babies.


Worship Arts and Technical Ministries:


Tim3           Tim1           Tim2

Tim Roberts // Executive Pastor of Worship Arts
Has big forearms which explains his casting for Gaston in the play Beauty and the Beast. Bleeds blue and white- Go Doyers!


Maureen Husen // Administrative Assistant to Tim Roberts
Former Rams Cheerleader. She and her husband were set up by Pastor Chuck and Pam.


Charles Rumahlewang // Associate Pastor of Worship
Incredible photographer (follow him on Instagram). He’s one of 3 Indonesians on our worship team.

Laura Coronado // Worship Leader
Laura isn’t just a gifted worship leader, but she is also insta-famous for her make-up skills @lauracoronado_mua


Joe Sidoti // Technical Director
Has been given the nickname “Magic Ears” because of his skills. Dude also plays some mean drums!


Nate LaBelle // Audio Tech Specialist
Gets pumped up listening to punk rock music. He is referred to more by his nickname: The Baconater.

David Sanchez // Video Director

Tyler DeYoung // Production Manager                 

IMG_0445           Tim Adams           IMG_0443

Tim Adams // Production Assistant
Some say that they see Tim on campus a lot and he must have a cot in the nest. He has been seen racing with the tech guys with rolling chairs. Still reining champ!

Fred Manuel // Production Specialist


Campus Pastors:



Eric Hertica // Online Campus Pastor
Graduated with a Masters in Biblical Studies and Theology from Talbot Seminary and has a calling to reach the whole world through our Online Campus.



IMG_2081          IMG_2085          IMG_2094

Marcus Brendling // Pastor of High School Outreach
Often referred to as “the better looking Beckham.” Married to the most beautiful girl from New York, Christina. Used to be a Rapper. Was blind, but now he sees.


Noe Barragan // Pastor of Jr. High Outreach
Former gangster who, when pulled over by the cops tried evangelizing to them. Noe has 8 brothers and 7 sisters. He likes to go out to eat because he can evangelize with people waiting for their food. He calls them “sitting ducks.”




marsha3           marsha1           marsha2

Marsha Butler // Women’s Pastor
Was a tennis junkie when she was a kid and still loves the smell of new tennis balls. Favorite way of procrastinating is playing guitar. Would love to be a children’s book collector one day.

Brittni Acosta // Administrative Assistant for LifeGroups

 Pastoral Care Ministry:



Daryl McLeod // Pastor of Active Adults
Daryl is our only Aussie on staff. He spent part of his life living on the sea in a cruise ship. He owns a farmland in Australia. He hasn’t missed a day of spending time with God in 40 years!

Sam           IMG_0333           IMG_0332

Sam Baney // Pastoral Care Pastor
Samuel Baney is a complex, robust man, with a love for adventure and a penchant for the fineries that only living amongst a family of bears can provide.  With boar hide on his back, Swedish steel in his belt, and a song in his heart, he traverses the land in search of perilous exploits and forgotten gold.


Impact Kid’s Ministry:


Shawn Bouldin // Children’s Pastor
His parents prayed over him as a baby that he would become a Pastor one day and do great things for God. After college and serving in the US Coast Guard, Shawn eventually accepted the call to full time ministry in 2009.


Wendy Alvarado // Administrative Assistant to Pastor Shawn Bouldin
Super Mom of two amazing girls and married to her husband of whom she met through a puppy.


Stephanie Vazquez // Director of IMPACT Kid’s Ministry
She is a serious about protecting the kids in her ministry. She had a makeover that changed her life!


Tony Johnson // Pastor of Elementary
Very thrifty. Tony used to have a rap band. He hasn’t mastered the art of swimming, yet.

Ruby3           Ruby1           Ruby2

Rubi Archila // Pastor of Preschool/Kindergarten
Speaks faster than the speed of lightning. Enjoys spending time with her husband and two gifted children.


Lisa McAllister // Nursery/Toddler Director
Don’t cross her; her husband works for the FBI. By hiring her, we got her husband and kids on staff too (sort of!). Show her something once and she’s learned it! She’s a sponge!

Wayde Bowker // Volunteer Director
He started attending crossroads when he was in 4th grade. He loves coffee, Bass Pro Shops, photography and being organized.

DisAbilities Ministry:



Jennifer Felix // Pastor of Disabilities
Not only does she dance for her dogs everyday but she has a specific song for them too.

Allison Schlieder // Disability Ministry Assistant
She is currently studying at Chapman University, if she’s not there or at Crossroads, she’s at Yogurtland.

Valeri Schlieder // Disability Ministry Events Associate

Spanish Ministry:



Noe Barragan // Spanish Pastor
Former gangster who, when pulled over by the cops tried evangelizing to them. Noe has 8 brothers and 7 sisters. He likes to go out to eat because he can evangelize with people waiting for their food. He calls them “sitting ducks.”


Libny Gutierrez // Administrative Assistant to Spanish Ministry
Has a little zoo going on at her house with cichlids, a Sulcata Tortoise, dogs, cats, cockatiels, and a green cheek sun conure. Would like to open a pet rescue with her husband and reps her Lakers purple and gold like no other.


 Global Outreach Ministry:



Lisa Mitchison // Pastor of Global Outreach
A professionally trained juggler, juggling her children’s many activities: dance, CAT, and cheer. Meanwhile, she enjoys long, grueling, romantic climbs with her burly husband, Ernie.

Patrice           IMG_0417           IMG_0414

Patrice Maturkanich // Administrative Assistant to Lisa Mitchison
Her greatest thrill, perhaps an addiction, is to finish everything on her ‘to-do’ task list every day. After that, you can find her watching the Disney Channel with hot popcorn or cookies out of the oven.

Alex2           Alex            Alex3

Alex Carpenter // Short Term Trip Coordinator 

You can often find him trekking the world guiding mission trips with his sock monkey in the lead. In his free time, he enjoys appraising and selling antiques with his mom. And the GO office knows he has quite a green thumb.


Missy Robbins // Child Sponsorship Coordinator 
She is a tomboy who wears heels and has a heart for the nations. She can kick like David Beckham and has moves like Jagger!


Joey Vargas // Local Outreach Coordinator
With the curiosity of a cat, he has a thirst for knowledge that is never satisfied. Married to a beautiful British babe, he has an affinity for anything English. Apart from reading and thinking he loves spending time in the great outdoors.

Emma3           Emma1           Emma2

Emma Quintana // Hunger Project Manager 


Campus Operations:


Caesar3           Caesar1           Caesar2

Cesar Chavez // Construction Manager
Drives from Victorville (or Egypt according to Debbie). Loves sushi but hates spiders and heights.

Bob1           IMG_0297           IMG_0295

Bob Gifford // Associate Director of Facilities
Lived in an RV on the church campus for 2 years!                    

Steve           IMG_0298           IMG_0299

Steve Cervantez // Project Manager
Spends just as much money on his pets as he does on himself. His family even cremated their cat!

Frank3           Frank1           Frank2

Frank Aceves // First Impression Team Member





Brianna Hoover // Receptionist
Loves Maui and talking on the phone. Good thing she gets paid to talk to people!

 Daisy3           Daisy1           Daisy2

Daisy Villalon // Receptionist
Tickled by the color pink! Has a plethora of boots and coats. Has a strong desire to have kids but is fearful of their mischievous actions.


Stewardship Ministry:


Shaun Glenn // CPA Controller
He is EXTREMELY competitive (reigning Monopoly champ). He enjoys playing/watching baseball and football, as well as listening to loud music and playing the drums. However, not at the same time.


Debbie Burton // Executive Assistant to Shaun Glenn
This Diva Mom has a heart for all around her, hence her nickname, Mama Burton.

Heather Stucky // Accounting Manager
She grew up in the country and married her high school sweetheart. She loves dancing crazy and being silly with her two kids as well as watching any game in which the San Francisco Giants or 49ers are playing.


Laura Haynes // Accounting Clerk


Lisa Webster // Human Resources Coordinator
Queen of flip-flops. If you’ve ever had a conversation with her, you would agree that she should have been a comedian. Any photo taken with John Mayer is a winning photo.

Maria           IMG_0451           IMG_0449

Maria Orozco // Staff Accountant
Deeply dislikes making phone calls but if she has to, you can turn her frown upside down by bringing her bread pudding.