This is an organization with great vision seeking people who would be an exceptional addition to a talented, dedicated and enthusiastic ministry team working toward helping us achieve the God-given dream. To apply for open positions, click here!

Executive Team

IMG_0369 Chuck Booher // Senior Pastor

 Tracy Taouil // Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Galen Thomas Galen Thomas // Senior Executive Pastor

PhotoComingSoon Erin Beverly // Executive Assistant to the Senior Executive Pastor

IMG_0342 Taleah Murray // Executive Pastor of Ministries


Communications Ministry:

  Kasey Husen // Executive Director of Communications & Events

Kelli Crawford Kelli Crawford // Events Manager

 Codilee Dauz //  Communications Coordinator

 Jaimee DeMagno // Graphic Designer

Alyssa Kliebert // Social Media Strategist

Nicole Chaney-Dillon // Copy Center Clerk

PhotoComingSoon Lisa Allen // Receptionist


Online Campus:

 Justin Corrales // Associate Pastor of Online Campus


Worship Arts:

Tim3 Tim Roberts // Executive Pastor of Worship Arts

  Maureen Husen // Executive Administrative Assistant

  Charles Rumahlewang // Director of Worship

 Laura Manuel // Worship Leader


Technical Ministries:

 Tyler DeYoung // Technical Director

 David Sanchez // Video Director

 Ricky Dorn //  Creative Video/Graphic Producer

Tim Adams Tim Adams // Tech Specialist

PhotoComingSoon Fred Manuel // Production Specialist


Next Generation Ministries

 Noe Barragan // College / Young Adults Pastor

 Priscilla Arechiga // College / Young Adults Coordinator

 Mike Acker // High School Pastor

Craig Olson Craig Olson // Junior High Pastor

PhotoComingSoon Aubry Johnson // Junior High Ministry Coordinator

Kids Ministry:

 Lauren Matt // Children’s Pastor

 Rebecca Carter // Administrative Assistant

 Patty Santos // Elementary Pastor

Ruby3 Rubi Archila // Preschool-Kindergarten Pastor

 Kim Cotter // Nursery Team Lead

PhotoComingSoon Traci Tront // Interim Children’s Ministry Operation

PhotoComingSoon Jacquelyn Hingco // Elementary Coordinator



 David Williamson // Executive Pastor of LIFE Connections 

  Debbie Burton // Associate Director of Connections

 Omar Garcia // LIFE Groups Pastor


Pastoral Care Ministry:

 Robert Southward // Associate Pastor of Care Ministries


Seniors Ministry:

 Doug Husen // Seniors Ministry Pastor


Disabilities Ministry:

 Jennifer Felix // Pastor of Disabilities

 Andy Alba // Disabilities Ministry Coordinator


Spanish Ministry:

 Noe Barragan // Pastor of Spanish Ministries

 Libny Gutierrez // Director of Spanish Ministries


Global Outreach Ministry:

 Lisa Mitchison // Pastor of Global Outreach

 Patrice Maturkanich // Administrative Assistant

 Joey Vargas // Associate Pastor of Local Outreach

 Missy Robbins // Associate Director of International Outreach

Emma1 Emma Quintana // Manager of The Pantry

 Brianna Hoover // Special Services Coordinator


First Impressions:

Silvia Cervantes Silvia Cervantes // Director of First Impressions


Campus Operations:

PhotoComingSoon Mike Carpenter // Facilities Director

 Steve Cervantez // Facilities Director

Caesar2 Cesar Chavez // Construction Manager

Bob Gifford Bob Gifford // Facilities Specialist


Stewardship Ministry:

PhotoComingSoon Shaun Glenn, CPA // Executive Director of Finance and Administration

 Heather Stucky // Accounting Manager

  Maria Orozco // Accountant

 Elsa Ellingson // Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of Finance and Administration

 Kevin Maturkanich // Interim Database Coordinator

Crossroads Christian Schools:

Philip Lewis //  Superintendent of Crossroads Schools

 Emilia Rivera // Administrative Assistant at Crossroads Schools