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Holy Land Blog 9

Holy Land Blog 9 Sue Our hearts are turning toward home, once again I’m reminded it’s not the stuff I miss but the ones I love.  But our fearless leaders keep us excited about what is still ahead: Mt. Tabor and … View Page

Holy Land Blog 8

Holy Land Blog 8 Peter For me, this journey into Israel, the land of the Bible – has  been a trip like no other. To enter into the context of these stories that I have learned over decades has been, … View Page

Holy Land Day 7

Holy Land Day 7  Steve We saw some amazing sites today in Jerusalem. We started the day at the Western or Wailing Wall. It was very busy, being the Jewish Sabbath. The Wall was a very historic place for me … View Page

Holy Land Blog 6

Holy Land Blog 6  Janice  This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Our word for the day is “obedience.”  For someone with a bit of a rebellious heart, this struck a … View Page

Holy Land Blog 5

Holy Land Blog 5 Day 5: Kenzie Today was the last day of VBS and even though it’s sad, I know I can speak for everyone when I say what a blessing the last 4 days have been. This being … View Page

Holy Land Blog 4

Holy Land Blog 4: Mark Our Day started with a light rain as a special blessing. On the way in, I was really looking forward to another great day with these sweet kids. They love the puppet characters we are … View Page

Holy Land Blog 3

Holy Land Blog 3: Sue  Today was an amazing day for me. I started my day talking with God about gates. Gates can keep us safe, they can keep us out, they can be new or old, decorative or plain. … View Page

Holy Land Blog 2

Blogs Day 2: Maureen & Doug Maureen Wow! Our first day of VBS was truly a hit!!  Praise God!!! The kids were adorable all dressed in their “GO BIG” t-shirts… you could feel and see the excitement in them! We … View Page

Holy Land- Day 1

Blog Day 1: Sharon A lot has happened in the last 2 days since leaving Corona. We arrived in Jerusalem completing a 27 hour trip. After a short sleep we began our Sunday. We worshiped with our partners and Pastor … View Page

Himalayas Blog 9 (Final)

Before starting the trip, it was my hope that I would make a positive impact for at least one person while trekking the Himalayas.  Although I may never know if my presence in those mountains truly changed the life for … View Page