Local Outreach

“You are the light of the World” – Matthew 5:14. A city is not made of brick, cement, and metal; it is made of people. What makes it a good city, or a bad city depends on the choices those people make. It is our hope that each one of you will be a light in our city. As you go about running errands, taking your kids to sports, and visiting with neighbors and friends, it is our hope you will choose to shine with the light of Christ.

As a church we have several ministries that are facilitating the work of Christ in our community. We have also partnered with local organizations that we feel reflect the heart of Christ in their efforts to make our city better.

We encourage you to take a look at what we are doing and see if God is calling you to join us in bringing the love of Christ to the City of Corona.


Join the Team!

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Joe Vargas
Associate Pastor of Local Outreach