College/Young Adults

College-Young Adults // ages 18-30

Thursdays in the Plex | Pre-Service: 7PM | Service: 7:30PM

Southern California culture can be an aggressive blend of tumultuous events, fast pace living, and individual loneliness amidst the masses. Even the most sincere person can find themselves grasping for meaning and purpose. The Next Generation Ministry is designed to offer each individual their purpose and provide a place for them to assemble with others on the same journey towards unique, passionate, and inspired living!

This purpose and passionate living comes in knowing Jesus, the passionate One. This isn’t something we simply believe but something we resoundingly know to be true. This transforming truth has placed in us an uninhibited commitment in our heart to bring a Jesus movement to Southern CA, to provide hope to nations, and truly change the world.


If you would like to serve in our College/Young Adult Ministry please sign up in the link below:

To sign up to serve, click here.


We have College/Young Adult Life Groups that meet throughout the week. This is an excellent opportunity to study the word and develop authentic relationships with peers. Life Groups are the best way to get connected at CYA.

To join a Life Group, click here.

Noe Barragan
Pastor to Young Adults