Premarital Counseling

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21

Thank you for taking an interest in Premarital Counseling. You will find that our ministry exists to serve you in your up and coming marriage and provide healthy Christ-centered solution through counsel to existing problems or struggles.

Premarital Counseling

“Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will cling to his wife: and they will be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 

From the outside marriage can look so easy. However, behind closed doors a lot of changes start creeping in that can take us by surprise. The “becoming one flesh” that Genesis talks about is a powerful picture and challenge to live by. If you would like to take active steps to secure your future marriage by learning how to build a marriage founded upon God’s Word, then Premarital Counseling is perfect for you!

What is included?

Premarital Counseling consists of an online assessment for the future husband and wife and four to eight sessions with a mentor couple or Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee. There is a $200 fee which covers all the Premarital Counseling expenses.  Each session generally runs 60-90 minutes and is scheduled between you and the mentor(s).  The sessions address issues such as a Christ-centered marriage, finances, sex, in-laws, personality profiles and communication.

Please note: In order for us to accommodate every couple that desires to receive Premarital Counseling through Crossroads, we recommend your wedding date to be at least 6 months out from the date you submit your request with us.

Who can attend?

Premarital Counseling is for couples who are engaged and pursuing marriage, as well as, couples who are dating and thinking about marriage.

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Based on our assessment of a couple’s current state and readiness to enter into a marriage relationship, we have the right to deny the couple our sincere blessing and approval to pursue marriage by the use of our facilities and pastors.

We would like to note that all monies paid to Crossroads Church for the Premarital Counseling are non-refundable.

Interested in serving as a Marriage Advocate or for more information, please contact:






Robert Southward
Pastor of Care Ministries