Professional Counseling

This is a list of licensed and professional therapists. Each has their own pay structure and specialties. They are independent and do not work for Crossroads. We do not receive any compensation for these referrals.


Professional Therapists:

Ron Hall, MFT: 951-255-2340
Noryne Mascarella, MFT: 951-907-6336
Laurie Lee, MFT: 951-808-7577
James L. Anderson, LMFT: 951-733-3537
Tyra Butler, MFT: 949-292-2923
Aaron Smith, Psy.D.: 951-317-4499
Timothy Olson, LMFT: 808-391-3595
Ruth Olson, LMFT: 808-561-4008



Crossroads interns work under the direction of Ron Hall, a professionally licensed therapist. The interns are working toward their required number of hours before being professionally licensed. They are very qualified and the benefit of seeing them is that their pay structure is lower and negotiable. The interns use a sliding scale depending upon the income of the client. For intern use please contact the number below.

Ron Hall, MFT 951-255-2340

For more information regarding our professional therapists, please contact Pastor Sam Baney