About Joe Sidoti

My attention to detail and un ending passion for God and the arts, and my desire for excellence in the Church is extremely high. My ability to lead people is a strength I'm proud of. I am a perfectionist. And sense we can never reach perfection I strive to get as close as possible. I have a genuine desire for excellence without emptiness. To lead teams with the important task of showing people what authentic worship looks like.

Plan your action, and put action to your plan

No matter what you have going on in your crazy week, I’d like to encourage you.

Things can get busy… Really busy sometimes. When those times come for me I try to follow a simple method. Plan your action, and put action to your plan!

Take notes, set reminders, make check lists. (plan your action)

And then one bite at a time, complete those tasks. (action to your plan)

Sometimes if I don’t write down all the things that need to be acomplished my brain can turn into mush, because I’m so overwhelmed with what seems to be the mountain of things that I need to do. But when I take the time to write things down (mostly digitally) and begin to work that list, I find that not only did it not take near as long to accomplish all of the tasks, but my brain was way less mushy.

This is a lesson that I often have to re learn, because I can get so overwhelmed with tasks. But when I follow these simple steps I’m reminded every time that it wasn’t as bad as I thought and it definitely took way less time than I thought to accomplish.

Making Easter Sunday Killer

With Easter rapidly approaching I’m sure your team is getting geared up for lots of guests. If your team is anything like ours, then the question has been asked. “Whats the vision for the production, and what’s the budget?”

1. Adding Lights –

This is an area that is typically easy to enhance. So you have to ask yourself the hardest question of all. “Do we need more lights?” It’s a perfectly good question. But the answer may not be what you’d like. Sure, we’d all like to add tons of fixtures to our plot. But is it in the budget? or even more important, is it absolutely necessary?

It might be… and that’s for you to decide. If it’s going to help tell the story, and enhance your service then by all means go for it! Just make sure that your not throwing up flash and trash because it’s cool.

Updating Your Current Plot

I have seen many churches get this part wrong. I’ve seen some auditoriums filled with all the right fixtures, in all the wrong places. My challenge to you here is, maybe you don’t need to add fixtures, maybe you just need to move some.

Take a close look at the specs of your fixtures. Decide if you can move some and make a big difference. Keeping in mind the throw angle of the light, its brightness, and its features. Always, always try and enhance for free, before you spend money.

2. Dazzle Them On Easter, and Disappoint Them The Next Sunday?

This is a tough one… There are plenty of good reasons to go the distance for your Easter service. Just make sure it’s intentional. There are two schools of thought usually for this point. 1- put your best foot forward, to grab them, and make them want to come back. Or… 2- Give them a good taste of what Sunday looks like, and when they hopefully come back the next week, they are familiar with what they saw at Easter and aren’t disappointed.

Put it this way… You go to a restaurant for the first time, you take a look at the menu and they have good looking burgers or salads etc. that seem right up your alley. You order something that looks good, and sure enough…. it was! Awesome!  So the next week you decide to go back. After all it was good! and you enjoyed the menu options. So you go back to find a different menu, and worse of all the food you ordered last week isn’t even on the different menu. :-(  This is the equivalent of having a mind blowing killer Easter service that is nothing like your regular sunday service.

3. Every Sunday Should Be Easter Sunday

So the real question is, why can’t every sunday be like Easter? If you want to enhance your Easter service, I think you should. But I also think you should enhance your service every sunday.  The attention to detail you take on a great worship set, greeting and welcoming your guests, great production and smooth transitions should be par for the course. Not just a once a year thing.

Tuning Drums Video

This video will show you all you need to know about Tuning a drum!

Comment below on other video’s you’d like to see…

Changing Drum Heads

This video will show you how to properly change a drum head!

Stay tuned soon for the second part on “How To Tune A Drum”

Drum Technique (Self Mixing)

Please enjoy this video on how to have proper drum technique when it comes to how hard you should play your kit!

“Experience Light” 2013 Recap Video

We are so proud of what God did, and the lives that were forever changed during our 2013 Christmas production of Experience Light.

Enjoy this brief recap of the magic of “Experience Light”

Experience Light (Part 2)

Experience Light was a Christmas show that I am still excited to talk about. I wanted to share just a few photos of the show that Pam Booher took.

These pictures can’t even begin to sum up the emotion and sense of wonder that was in the room. If you missed it, I hope you enjoy these pic’s. (See Below)

I want to just take a minute to discuss some of the technology that went into pulling off this show.

1. Vision

To tell the story of a girl from the creation of life (Let There Be by Gungor) to her journey through life as she is exposed to many forms of light. All being false hope until she realizes the true Light. The Light Of The World! Jesus!! (Church On the Move, There Is A Light)

2. Triple Wide Media

We knew right away that this show would need video support the entire time. But not so much imag. Instead, how can we help tell the emotional story but support it with video content? The challenge was to not make the focus be the video, but to instead make the video encompass the entire stage and support the story. This was done with Pro Presenter and a Triple Head 2 Go. All three screens were 1280x720p giving a total video resolution of 3840×720.

3. Editing

All content (except There Is A Light, thanks to Seeds) was custom created for the show by us. We used any and all software needed to create all the content. Premier Pro, After Effects, Motion, Final Cut ProX etc. We began editing video in the beginning of October.

4. Cuing

All songs were performed with a click and many tracks. All cued from Logic Pro X. In order to make sense of this, and to always keep our video’s in perfect sync, we decided to utilize cuing Pro Presenter through Midi. We used the Midi Module from Renewed Vision ($99) and the Network Midi Setup that comes standard on a Mac (don’t get me started on why I love Apple). One cat5 cable and several mistakes later and we were in business. We were able to add a specific midi cue in Logic per song that cued the correct video every time!

5. Live Band

One of the best compliments I got on the mix was “Oh! I thought it was a CD playing. I didn’t realize it was a live band.” This was the goal for me. We even toyed with the idea of having the band completely back stage, but decided not to in the end. I didn’t want the live band to distract from all the visuals in the show, and I think we pulled it off.

6. Lighting

In a show called Experience Light, you’d think there was tons of lighting fixtures. But we kept it fairly simple. Mostly due to the fact that the “Light” we were experiencing was the worlds view of light and not necessarily actual light. Budget also came into play. Some of the lighting fixtures included were Martin Mac 250’s, 550’s, 2K’s, Color Blasts, Mac 101’s, 301’s etc…

All in all, Experience Light was a spectacular show that is hard to put into words. You have to have seen it to fully experience it. We hope to have a recap video very soon!



Our Main character coming to life in the creation sequence.

Bringing the light on stilts

Bringing the light on stilts

Aerialist 4

Aerialist in the Creation sequence.


Aerialist 1

It’s snowing in our auditorium!

Fire Dancing

Our main character being enticed by false light.

cyr wheels 1

cyr wheels 1

cyr wheels 2

cyr wheels 2

The Dark Lord Vader

The Dark Lord Vader trying to entice our audience to the dark side!

Darth Vader Gangnam Style

Darth Vader Gangnam Style with our Jedi Knights!









Experience Light (Part 1)

Well, After months of planning, weeks of rehearsing and several shows, I’m glad to say we pulled it off!! Experience Light was a huge success. In the coming weeks I will be posting several behind the scenes secrets to how we did it, why we did it, and who did it. I can tell you it was no ONE person. This was a team collaboration at it’s best! I am so proud to be a part of it! If you saw the show, then you know it was spectacular. I hope you enjoyed the fun and creative way we shared the story of Jesus, The Light of The World!!!