Plan your action, and put action to your plan

No matter what you have going on in your crazy week, I’d like to encourage you.

Things can get busy… Really busy sometimes. When those times come for me I try to follow a simple method.┬áPlan your action, and put action to your plan!

Take notes, set reminders, make check lists. (plan your action)

And then one bite at a time, complete those tasks. (action to your plan)

Sometimes if I don’t write down all the things that need to be acomplished my brain can turn into mush, because I’m so overwhelmed with what seems to be the mountain of things that I need to do. But when I take the time to write things down (mostly digitally) and begin to work that list, I find that not only did it not take near as long to accomplish all of the tasks, but my brain was way less mushy.

This is a lesson that I often have to re learn, because I can get so overwhelmed with tasks. But when I follow these simple steps I’m reminded every time that it wasn’t as bad as I thought and it definitely took way less time than I thought to accomplish.

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