You have helped us accomplish a lot of amazing things this year, but we know that God is not done working through us yet! We have some big initiatives coming in  December and we hope that you will join us in investing in these life changing opportunities.

Feeding 500 Families in December

thanksgiving turkey

This year has been rough for our community, so we are planning for an increase of families in need this Christmas season. We will also be providing a Christmas dinner box for families that we serve through our Adopt- A-Block ministry.

Gifts for 500 Kids

christmas gift

We will be providing toys for 500 kids whose parents are incarcerated and for 100 kids from our Adopt-A- Block and food pantry families. *This number has gone up from 300 to 500 in the last week because the need is so high.

Feeding 2 Villages

Kenya web

The COVID quarantine has devastated the rural villages of Kenya, as their main job source was tourism. The people in the villages of Olturot and Nkoiswash are finding it difficult to provide food for their families when they have no source of income. We will provide food for the people in these villages for 3 months.

Making 2 Schools in Kenya COVID-Safe


The people of Crossroads sponsor kids in the slums of Kiamaiko and in the village of Olturot in Kenya. Most of these kids have been out of school since March and have been unable to do virtual school because they lack the resources. In Kenya, if students don’t pass a government test after 8th grade, they are no longer able to continue in the school system. It is vital that all of the 1500 students return to school to prepare for this test, but the government will not allow it until the schools are made COVID-safe. We will add more classrooms to allow for social distancing, hire more teachers, add desks, purchase PPE for teachers and students, and much more.

Please prayerfully consider giving a year-end gift, to help us continue to do good in the world. You can join us in making a worldwide impact by mailing a check to:

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