Divorce Care

Tuesdays at 7pm @ Crossroads Christian Office

Divorce Care is a 13-week program designed to help you through one of the most difficult and confusing times in your life. Each week a different topic is addressed through a video and small-group discussion. This is meant to facilitate healing, reconciliation, and the hope found only in a God who is deeply concerned over every facet of our lives. Divorce Care provides a small, safe, intimate environment, led by those who have undergone the pain of divorce and have found the joy of God on the other side.

$30 for 13 weeks

“I had never really encountered anything horrific in my life until my divorce imploded my world.  The secular world doesn’t  understand how “joy” and “trial” can appear in the same sentence with a positive connotation but in God’s world, it makes complete sense. I have experienced this in my “new” life as Divorce Care helped me through this tragic trial. ” –Brenda Aker