Ash Wednesday Prayer & Anointing Service

February 14th @ 6:30PM (PT) | In-Person & Online
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Every year, our church fasts together for 40 days to eliminate distractions and to focus more of our time and attention on God.

Starting Ash Wednesday, February 14th, we’ll fast from something, for something, and for someone.

We’ll worship, and our elders, pastors, and leaders will anoint everyone with oil and pray for you as you begin this 40 day journey.

We’re also going to be dropping NEW Crossroads merch on 2/14! We’ll have ONE exclusive shirt that will be available that night only, for just $5!

Kids & Jr. High Ministry available for newborns through 8th grade.

To make this time more special, we invite you to join us in:

  • Fasting from something.
    • This could be whatever God leads you to give up for the 40 days starting Ash Wednesday night through Palm Sunday night.
    • In the past people have chosen to fast from Social Media, caffeine, sweets, sugar, etc. so that you may miss what you are fasting from and pray more when you notice you are not having it.  This way you lean on the Lord more and grow closer to Him.
  • Fast for something.
    • God wants to give you the desires of your heart when you delight in Him (Psalm 37:4).
    • So what is it the heart’s desire you are seeking God for?
  • Fast for someone.
    • We are to be other focused and other centered.
    • When we Fast, we fast for others.
      • This could be for someone to come to know the Lord or come back to the Lord.
      • This could be for someone who has a need You are asking God to meet in their life.