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High School Ministry

We believe church should be fun, not endured! Join us for engaging worship services on Sunday nights, and for LIFE Groups with others you can relate to.

HSM Service

Sundays 5:30pm-7:30pm
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High School Ministry is the most fun you’ll have all week! Join us every week to experience something that you can’t find anywhere else on earth. At HSM our goal isn’t just to host a church service. Our goal is for students to experience the joy, freedom, and life that only God can provide, and experience it with other people their age.

Heads up though, don’t come in expecting your traditional Sunday morning service. We have nothing against the pews and hymn books of the 8AM service, but this is HSM. At HSM you aren’t going to be sitting silently and listening to a lecture; in everything we do our goal is to grow closer to God while having fun. That means interactive messages, worship that feels more like a concert than a church service, and finding friends that actually care about you.

HSM service meets in the Plex on Sunday nights from 5:30-7:30pm! 

Tuesday Switch

Starting 1/21/20
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HSM is all about the high school students of the inland empire, so let’s give them what they want! Our goal is to provide students with the best possible church experience. On January 21st, 2020, HSM is switching to Tuesday nights. We believe that this will help families with their weekend schedules, students with their academic priorities, and athletes with their team’s obligations.

The switch to Tuesday’s isn’t all business though, we are taking HSM to the next level. Join us on January 21stat 7 PM and all Tuesday nights after that for a high school ministry service that you’ve never seen before. We’ll have a better hangout time, new games, awesome traditions, incredible worship, and a unique interactive message that challenges students to pursue a life in love with God.

We hope that you’re as excited for Tuesday nights at HSM as we are! Come early, stay late, and bring a friend. We’ll save you a seat!

Current Series

Next Gen This Gen
This Gen

We’ve all heard that we need to invest in the Next Generation because the Next Generation is the one that will change the world.

But we’ve seen generations come and go. It’s time to stop waiting and start changing.

We’re not going to wait for the Next Generation to change the world, it’s time that we change the world.

Meet Pastor Sawyer

HSM Pastor
HSM Sawyer

Sawyer is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and has an Associate’s degree in Pastoral Leadership from Highlands College as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Business from the University of Alabama. In his free time, Sawyer enjoys hiking, swimming, camping, playing sports, watching movies, and also pushing himself to try out new things. The thing he loves most about serving in ministry is the people that God brings into his life.

Upcoming Events

Join HSM from 7-8:45PM for a Christmas party full of costumes, contests, special guests, games, surprises, and traditions!