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How to Give

You can give within one minute right here online!

Click the “Give through PushPay” or “Give through PayPal” button below to make a one-time-gift or to set up recurring giving through the platform of your choice. We also accept donations using cryptocurrency through The Giving Block!

Give us a call or email us at if you have questions!

Giving here changes the world

When you give to Crossroads, people find hope and their lives change for the better. Whether we’re feeding hungry people in our city each week through our Food Pantry, building fresh water wells for people in Africa, hosting life changing gatherings for kids and teens, or creating experiences for people to encounter God, your money is changing lives.

Every dollar makes a difference


We’re committed to being good stewards of God’s money, which means we will only spend money as it’s given.


Invest in the Next Generation

Next Gen Collage Higher Quality

Our next generation is searching desperately for identity and belonging. Young people today are struggling with anxiety and depression at staggering rates and suicide amongst young people is at an all-time high.

We believe that the Church is the safest and best place for these young people to find identity, hope, healing, purpose, and belonging through the love of Jesus Christ.  Because of this, we have embarked on a journey to Boldly Go to 13,500 kids and students within a 20 mile radius of our church with the message of Jesus.

Since January 2018, we have seen over 2,100 new children visit our kid’s ministry and hear about the love of Jesus. We have also seen 1,029 kids, teens, and young adults make first time decisions to follow Jesus. Behind each of those numbers is a young person’s story of life change.

Giving Statements

If you would like to view your giving statement, click HERE.