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In October of 2017, we launched a vision to reach and keep 13,500 kids and students within a 20 mile radius of Crossroads with the love of Jesus. Kids and students today are in desperate need of truth, love, hope, belonging, and authentic relationships. Jesus, through His Church, offers all of this, so we want to go out into our community and reach these young people with the love and message of Jesus.  In the first 2 years of this journey as a Church, we set out to raise $5 million dollars above our normal budget to build captivating spaces for young people on our campus, to upgrade our online campus to be more engaging for young people, and to launch a multi-site within a 20 mile radius to make it convenient for these young people and their families to attend church.

So far, we have raised enough money to build a backyard space for our Junior High Ministry, an extension onto our worship center for our birth through two- year-olds, and to erect two digital signs on the corners of our property to let people know that we are a church who would love to welcome them. We still have about $2.5 million more to raise to build our pre-school and elementary spaces, to upgrade our online campus, and to launch a multi-site.

Phase 1 of of Boldly Go projects are set to break ground Nov. 2020!



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