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Day Ten

Wednesday I had the privilege of sharing with the Sew Free students. I shared about the promises that God has for us, and the importance of reading the Bible. Each of the girls shared a promise to which they have adhered to their lives. Today was the day to go out to see projects in which our church has supported financially. We went with the gentleman whose church supported him in the construction of his bathroom, and concrete floor in his house, we visited a barber salon asking our God that many people come to his business and he can bring them to Christ. We also visited one of the churches and we were praying that God would always bless them and that many souls would come to the feet of Jesus Christ… The Shear love students were also practicing cutting and painting the Crossroad team’s hair. It was a very blessed day. Diana opened the doors of her house and shared the food with the Crossroad team, we had a super pleasant time.

-Marth V.


Today we started off the day at Shear Love where I had the honor and blessing of sharing my devotional today with the beauty students here. It was such a great time of fellowship and I could definitely feel the love from all of the girls. It was really cool because we opened it up for questions and it was such a blessing to hear all of their questions and for all of us to be able to come together and share more about Jesus. After devotional time we all hopped into the vans and visited one of the people who works for Shear Love’s brother in laws barber shop it was really cool to see it was super nice! After that we went to visit a man where Crossroads helped fund a bathroom which he was very thankful for and we all prayed over him and his wife. After we went to Gideons church he works for Shear love as well and is a Pastor and it was such a blessing to see his church and to hear how he is impacting people within these communities with his passion and love for the Lord that he so graciously extends to others. When we got back to Shear Love we all had lunch together and had this Rice Tea with boba which was really good! In our free time we walked to 7 eleven which is the picture found below! And the last picture is a pic of me in Lisa’s cutie shoes because Lisa took Ashleigh’s shoes to borrow, Ashleigh took my shoes to borrow so then I had to wear Lisa’s shoes to go across the street LOL

A verse from today: “If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.” Psalms‬ ‭139‬:‭9‬-‭10‬ ‭

-Reylina R.


Day Nine

We had lots to do. We started off by going to Dianna’s hair salon and sewing building. Had lunch with her and her team. I ordered chicken fried rice and it was delicious! Definitely nothing like the states.

Later that day I shared my story and was able to make connections with some of the students. It was emotional but good at the same time.
After that we had training for the red light district. We were being prepared to walk down Section Six (Soy Six) which is the worst street for its chaotic activity. Which blew all expectations out of the water. My team and I handed out condoms to the women on Beach Road and Section Six with notes hidden. The hidden note said something along the lines of “You are loved, if you need help call this number.”

The women I encountered were yes dressed provacative but were ordinary daughters of God. They were so sweet and seemed so genuine. Of course there was serious women there that didn’t take any condoms.  But the ones that took the condoms lit up. One even called me beautiful, smiled, and said Thank You.

People could be so quick to judge them or use them. But they don’t realize these are all Gods children. Someone’s daughter. A daughter who needs to see she is loved and valued. Her body is worth more that $5 and is a beautiful temple of God. But they are stuck. They are stuck in the lifestyle. How you may ask?

A. They believe they have no other option
B. They are trafficked which means they are either blackmailed or their personal documentations were taken
C. Have no money or place to go because they live in poverty.
D. They are older and can’t get hired somewhere else

I’m sure there is much more but a lot of these women are trafficked to be here and can’t leave. So before you judge their work, pray for them. Because they are stuck in an awful scary place. Walking through you can see thousands of women. Pulling men, touching men (private parts) and some dancing. It felt like sin lived here. I’m talking about all types of sin. Not just having sex before marriage and prostitution. But pride, greed, lust, envy, and adultery. The playground of satan. Using God’s daughters and sons for his schemes.

My heart felt for these women. God definitely showed me what broke His. I just wanted to hug each one of them. Yes I was  angry that this was happening but I also was smiling in the midst of chaos. When I was Interacting with the women handing out these condoms,  they were so happy to take them so they can protect themselves. I noticed some were super happy and some were confused. But overall this place was nothing that I thought it would be. It broke my heart that it existed. Broken  and lost people all over. Men purchasing and women standing. My heart goes out to both.



The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, is when I carried you”.

 God’s Love is Healing

Today we spent the first half of our day with the incredible students at Shear Love. I had the opportunity to share my devotional on the 6 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and meaning. I described how God helps me through each stage of grief and how if it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t have been able to get through the hardest times of my life.

As I finished my devotion some of the women pointed out the relationship I have with my daughter as something they would want to have with their daughter. They said it encouraged them to want to spend more time talking with their daughters and growing their relationships. It was very healing to share with these amazing women and see what share as moms and women no matter how far our lives can be.

The second half of the day was spent doing outreach.  We had the opportunity to visit the bars in Pattaya and hand out condoms with notes insides. As we approached the streets we prayed for protection and the ability to connect and spread God’s love. I prayed to serve the lost without judgment since I knew no matter how strong my faith was it would be tested.

As we approached the streets I noticed the need was greater than what I could ever imagine. It was filled with 1,000’s of young women and a mixture of older men and middle aged men in groups. This broke my heart. To know these women would soon be alone in a hotel room with a group of men was too much to process. Knowing we couldn’t stop this made me angry. Seeing the police on the corners checking for updated car registration and allowing this to happen was infuriating. None of it made sense. The only thing that provided some hope was knowing some people were fighting for these women. Some people were leaving the comfort of their life in the states and moving all the way across the world to live in the darkness and help free these women. To help spread God’s love in the darkest areas of the world. To provide a place of safety, restoration, and providing them the opportunity to live the life God has for them. Without Shear Love there would be no light for these women.

-Yvonne S.

Day Eight

First day of boots on the ground in Thailand.
We started our day with a tour of Shear Love / Sew Free International business office, followed by a tour of their educational studios. After that we had Monday morning church service with the staff, students and Crossroads team. We started with praise and worship in both languages. Then the message was led by Ariel, one of our team members. Her personal message was heart felt and brought us all to tears. As her message really related to the student in the program. After Ariel’s message, we prayed with many of the students for healing in their lives and for their families. Before lunch, we had the opportunity to look over some of the newest designs being produced by the local free woman at Sew Free.
We then enjoyed another local Thai lunch before we headed out to start working on the housing project this week. Our team is here to assist the local community to begin building three housing units for families in the program at Shear Love and Sew Free. On our first day we helped install their septic tank and set forms so that concrete can be poured tomorrow. Looking forward to another productive day tomorrow

-Chris M.


Today was our first day working with Shear Love and it was such an amazing time full of fellowship, laughs and companionship. It was so nice meeting all of the sweet Shear Love staff and students as they embraced us with open arms. We had a morning church time where Ariel shared her powerful testimony and it was an intimate time of worship, prayer and seeking the Lord I could definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit all throughout. During worship they sang Way Maker and it was so cool to hear the song in the Thai language and to hear it in English all at the same time knowing we are all seeking the Lord all at once and hearing all of our voices together was a sweet moment I will hold onto forever. After we had our church time we headed to have lunch and after the team started packaging condoms. I believe we packaged around 5,000 condoms, which we will be handing out tomorrow in the Red light district. While we were packaging condoms we were listening to worship and just embracing all of this time we have together. It was a great day and it has been so cool to see God moving and working in each one of us! Excited to see what tomorrow holds!

Day Six & Seven

As we close out our last week in Cambodia it is a bittersweet feeling. We had just spent the last week bonding with not only the AIM staff, but the children from the villages as well. Even though we are worlds apart, and have completely different cultures and language, the love of Jesus was palpable. We got ready for an early flight and an easy travel day, which quickly turned into multiple delays and a wild day of travel. When we finally got on our small plane for the 1.5 hour flight to Bangkok, we knew that we were on our way to a dark place of Earth. The team finally (after a lonnnng day) arrived at the hotel and we had some time to relax and get comfy in our rooms. We knew we had to be ready for the following day because we were getting immersed in the Thai tropical culture and spent the day on an island. It was a beautiful day, and one we all needed to clear our minds and prep our hearts for the evil we would shortly begin to see. Not even in the ministry work and we are already seeing interactions of women being purchased and prostitutes out and about while we were out at lunch and dinner. This way of life is so normal here, it is truly heartbreaking to see it around every single corner. Please pray for our team this week as we head into a heavy ministry, and pray that God can use us as He wishes.

-Ashleigh G.

Day Five

We visited the largest religious building in the world before dawn. The Cambodian kings out did their predecessors by building larger and larger monuments. Angkor Wat was built during the 12th century with over 300,000 workers and 6000 elephants. Stones were cut and floated on rafts for over 30 miles before being set and carved. Over 3000 different Hindu “nymphs” are carved into its walls. It is a marvel of human ingenuity a sight to behold, especially during the sunrise.

It is also a stark reminder that the followers of many false religions are slaves to their idols. It’s been my feeling as I’ve visited these sites in Nepal, Cambodia, and Thailand that there are fallen angels behind all of this. The love of Jesus has yet to be spread into many of the nations of the world. There is still much work to be done.

This week I was able to see children born into some of the worst conditions one can imagine being loved on by our team and AIM staff. Our Crossroads team worked so well with AIM staff to teach Cambodian children about faith in Jesus, how to pray, and how to worship. They were provided for in physical ways as well as they were fed, there hands were cleaned and nails trimmed, their hair washed and combed free of lice.

The servant’s heart beats in the AIM staff in the truest sense of the word. We are so blessed and humbled by them as they have been loving these kids for many years now and no staff had left the Siem Reap team since my last visit four years ago.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
Matthew 25:40 NIV

-Scott M.

Day Four

What an amazing 4 days we’ve had serving the Cambodian children at VBS. Giving those children an experience of love and kindness with the help of the AIM teams and the support of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It was so special to send over 200 children with a warm meal to take home with them at the end of the day.
During our morning session of VBS today , I was out playing with some of the children when several of them called out teacher, teacher. I was humbled by their words of calling me teacher. Because it reminded me of the time the disciples reach out looking for wisdom from Jesus for answers. Even though there is a language barrier between us, the language of love and kindness transcends all words.
As we bring our first week to an end of ministry in Cambodia, I look forward to what God has planned for us around the corner in Thailand. May He guide and protect us throughout the coming week as our team encounters one of the darkest places on earth.
-Chris M.


It was our last day doing VBS in Cambodia. It was a wonderful day, I feel super happy to be part of this team. We had arrived around 8am and the kids were already eager to start the day. The AIM members were so kind and kindhearted, you can see how they do everything for the children with passion. They also welcomed us as if we were their real family. I identified a lot with them since my English is slow and I felt that they understood me very well because we have the same language. “LOVE OF CHRIST”. I was shocked when we went in the van to pick up a group of children, the driver honked the car’s horn as if it was the signal for the children to gather. And the big surprise was that the mothers came out to tell us that the kids had already walked to the VBS location. They were too excited to wait! That over filled me with Awe. They were eager hear the songs of worship and acts of love.

Today’s art & craft was to create a bracelet and each color had its own meaning. They were able to take home a bracelet with a message of the love of JESUS for each one of them. Each child was filled with joy, they all just kept hugging us and giving us high fives. We were able to give and receive a lot of love today.

Lastly, The AIM team shared lunch with us and everything was very delicious. We had beef soup, fried noodles, chile sauce, and rice. Shortly after, we were able to walk through the community. I was struck by how they live in extreme poverty and how their rooms are among the stagnant waters caused by the rain.

That’s why it brought me so much joy to learn that today we had around 200 children joining the 2 services. It was a great blessing to finish today giving each child a box of warm food. I feel very thrilled to know that from now on it will continue to be done. It’s amazing how these children don’t open their box of food. They take it home to share it with their family.

Now we get to take this memory and share it with all of you.
Martha V


Day Three

Today was our day three in Cambodia working with AIM. I already had gotten used to our routine by now. But although there is a routine, it always feels so new and exciting to me. Just to walk you through our day as if you were with us. Picture this..
I woke up at 6 am today, put on my AIM shirt, put on some bug spray, and got ready. Went down to get some breakfast, drank my vitamins, then prayed in.

Now the fun part…got some coffee.
Just kidding, it’s getting to AIM and seeing the big smiles not only on the staff but on those children welcoming us with open arms. I always love walking in saying hello in Khmer and greeting everyone. The amount of kindness and welcomeness is so clear. I have only known these people for less than three days and they already feel like family.  The heart and light of not only the children but the staff shines so bright.

Once I had stepped on the mat, within a few seconds had recognizable faces already wanting to play with blocks and just communicate with their facial expressions. As if they were starting a conversation. It genuinely is how we communicate. God has no formal way of showing his presence. It’s shown in many ways. Through a smile or one simple gesture. It isn’t always just words. Two worlds coming together through smiling and body language.

We had put some songs, art crafts, and games for the children throughout the day. Then gave them some snacks within breaks. But what really stood out to me was this particular time in the day where we washed hair. Which was new. We took some time to wash hair this week. It felt nice to serve children who maybe wasn’t used to being treated like children. Back home they probably feel like an adult having to take care of their siblings. Or maybe defend for their own. But today in this very moment, someone took care of them. It felt nice being part of that. Serving them just like how Jesus washed his disciples feet. We had the opportunity to humble ourselves and wash their hair. Some whose maybe was their first time washing their hair.

If I can describe how peace looks like, it would be this. That very moment of them just sitting back, relaxing, smiling, and catching a breath. Just being able to be loved on without having to worry about the darkness that might be going on at home.
And I am just so thankful I was able to just love on these kids through a simple gesture such as washing and combing hair.
I just can’t wait what else God has up his sleeves. Because so far for what I’ve seen and experienced is so priceless. I see his light and it shines so bright here.

There was more but I guess you have to wait till tomorrow to hear more about it…


Day Two

Today was our second day working alongside the AIM staff doing VBS day 2! It was a beautiful experience seeing how excited and happy the kids got seeing us again. Seeing the bright vibrant smiles on their faces is everything. We were able to make hats with them where they were able to decorate them how they wanted. The hats signified Gods protection over them and I’m praying that as they go through their day to day that they would remember this hat as Gods protection over them and their lives. After we did the hats, we cut the kids nails and this was the most humbling moment of today. Realizing how much they appreciated it and really put into perspective how much these kids just yearn to be cared for and loved. It truly was an amazing moment with these kids. Later we were able to go into the communities and we walked around and prayed for a family there, walking in the communities is very eye opening and an experience I will never forget. Overall, this has been such a humbling experience, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to love on these kids and bring the light of Jesus to them.

Reylina R.


What a blessing it as been to serve with AIM. It is only day two but the staff and team feel like family. Each meal that we share, devotion service we attend, and task we take on together brings us all closer.

Today was a little different than the first because a big rainstorm came in and flooded the outside of the school. That did not stop us from having the most amazing day of Kids Club! We actually had more children show up today in the rain than the first day. (According to the Aim staff, that is unusual for a rainy day) That just goes to show how much the children love coming to school at Aim! The staff truly love and care for God’s children and it is such an honor to volunteer alongside them. Something I will never forget is seeing all the little children dancing on the mats, wearing the explorer hats we colored for craft time. As the rain poured down from the sky, we sang, danced, played and trimmed the children’s fingernails. Because the rain was so loud, we had to turn the music up loud and you could truly feel the Holy Spirit surrounding the school. Even after the children went home for the day, our team and the AIM staff continued to dance and laugh together as we cleaned up the mats and swept the water off the concrete platform. Even though we were soaked and tired, the day was so beautiful because the love of God shined through the storm.

Ariel C.

Day One

My first mission trip today in Cambodia we served along with AIM and i felt so much of Gods love shine through today. Today was so magical as we got to connect with the children, and in pouring rain while worshiping and dancing i got teary eyed because my heart was so overwhelmed with joy when i got to witness seeing all the smiles on the children and the members in our group. Blessed to be a blessing hit hard today being able to feel all of Gods love present shining over all of his children. I will never forget the love felt today between two completely different cultures that could only communicate with Gods love.

-Kirsten C.


Sunday ,September 3, 2023 

I would like to start this out by give a big shout out to Ashleigh Gonzales for her selection of transportation to Los Angeles airport.  I cannot remember seeing a bus as large as this one.  Way to go Ashleigh we all appreciated it, and I do mean all 11 of us on the bus that carries 50.  After the 16-hour flight to Singapore, and then a 2-hour flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia, it was nice to be on the ground.   “AIM” personnel were waiting for us to escort us to our hotel, but it was too early to check-in.  So, to fill in the time we all went shopping.  Everyone enjoyed shopping and purchased more than enough to fill up their suitcase.   Once we were checked in at the hotel, we had time to rest for a couple hours before dinner.   For dinner we drove to an area that is called “Pub Street”.  There was a wide array of choices to eat at.  So, what did we have to eat well I hate to say it, but it was pizza.  The food was wonderful, and we enjoyed the time there. Now it was time to go back to the hotel and get some rest and prepare for meeting the staff at the school tomorrow.  


 Monday, September 3, 2023 

Hebrews 13:16. “And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is Pleased.”  The excitement begins for the day that we have been prepared for.  After breakfast we all loaded up into the van that would transport us to our destination. The “AIM” staff was ready and waiting for us upon are arrival.  After a short briefing, we were ready to do whatever is asked of us.  As the 4-year-old children arrived we greeted them and started playing games with them. The joy on the children’s faces while playing was comforting to our souls.  During the morning session Ariel gave a presentation to the children about God and to hold Him close to their hearts.  This message leads up to all the children joining in on creating a picture on a satchel that was handed out as a craft project.  With the message being about holding God near to your heart, all the children’s pictures were centered around that theme. In the afternoon season, Martha presented a heartfelt devotion to the AIM. staff.  The message was” Praying to God because God wants to hear from us.” For lunch, the “AIM” staff prepares the food for us.  The lunch for all of us is a family style arrangement. The variety of food was fantastic from beef to chicken, along with rice and fruit. It gave all of us time to talk with the staff and to get to know them. The afternoon session involved older children that were just dismissed from school. The happiness that was displayed by the children about the message and the craft brought joy to all of us.  As the children left for the day, each of them received food to fill up their satchel. It was a fulfilling day seeing the happiness on all the children faces as they left.  The day also took its toll on us, as we were all tired at the end of it.

Gene L.