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High School Kenya Blog 2017

High School Kenya Blog 1

Today was a day I know I’ll never forget. At first, all I thought about was seeing my sponsored children, but that changed after doing the home visits. We went into a Muslim woman’s home to speak. I always get nervous sharing about God to people I know, but sharing this to a Muslim woman frightened me at first because I didn’t want to say anything to offend her. God called me before this trip to write down a few verses that I could take with me. I shared Joshua 1:9 with her because I felt God was telling me to encourage her to be strong and courageous and to let her know that He is always with her. After I read the verse and prayed for her, I tore out the verse so she could keep it. I’m extremely grateful God allowed me to have this opportunity and that He guided me with the words to say. Even if she didn’t come to accept Jesus in the moment, I believe this verse is going to impact her life.

 -Angel B.

Today was our first day in Nairobi, and it was amazing. We got to go the school, Pangani. We listened to orientation and went on a tour of the facility. It is awesome to see all the great work that they are doing there. We also got to take a walk through the community. It is always one of my favorite parts of coming to Kenya. The community is filled with so many different peoole who were so welcoming to us. We spoke with some women living in the slums who had a hair weaving business. They were very eager to meet us and take pictures. One of the women, Margret, told us how very glad she is to be able to be doing this as her business, and that it was helping her provide for her grandson. She invited me to try and braid some of the hair, which was not an easy task. We also were able to pray over their business before we left.

 Then we met a blind woman who had been living in the community since 1985. She had lost her sight after an infection which was left untreated. She told us her story that she had four children at the school and how she is helped by members of the community. It really made me think about how I should always see the best in situations.

 I am so thankful for all of the people we met in the community and the social workers who showed us around. I had an amazing first day and can’t wait for the rest of the trip.

 -Kall C.

High School Kenya Day 2

Today we ministered to the Kiamaiko school by building bookshelves for the classrooms. I expected it to be a typical service project day. We had to work together as a team to complete all 20 bookshelves. It was great to see our team playing to each other’s strengths. Building these shelves was a great way to plant a seed on the school.

However, before we served, we were served by the students and staff. The students presented a welcoming ceremony including songs, dances, and poems. I am constantly amazed by how joyful all the children are. They were so grateful to us for our service. Today we planned to serve by building shelves which is what we did, but I definitely did not plan on being served by the same people we are serving. While I was writing this blog, I happened to flip open my bible to a random page. The second verse to the top said this, Proverbs 11:25 “Whoever brings blessings will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered” This verse perfectly reflects how I saw this day. God truly works in amazing ways.

-Caitlyn S.



Today, our team built nineteen bookshelves for a school in Kiamaiko. You may question why a full day of work was dedicated to bookshelves, as many of us were wondering ourselves. Shelves don’t seem to be too vital to daily life…but daily life in Nairobi is vastly different from daily life in the U.S. In Kenya, a bookshelf preserves the lives of books. Yes, I know, that is the same purpose they serve back home. Bookshelves hold books. But a dilapidated textbook at an American school can be simply replaced. A new book is purchased. School goes on. In Kenya, books are not readily available to schools. A bookshelf not only prolongs the life of a book, but it prolongs the education of a generation. That is why we spent this day cutting, hammering, gluing, measuring, sweating on (quite generously), and finally completing nineteen bookshelves for an elementary school in Kiamaiko.

This experience contributed to a value that has been developing in me during this trip, and that is the value of education. American students underappreciate education more than almost anything else. Yes, we take food and shelter and clean water for granted because they are always readily available, but we blatantly complain about school. I’ve pondered this a lot since we arrived and have concluded that it comes down to the difference between “get” and “have”. The Kenyan kids ‘get’ to go to school. They get to be educated. No matter how basic the knowledge is, it’s still knowledge and that is valuable. Not boring. That is something that people in the U.S. do not understand, because just about everyone in the U.S. has at least a basic education. We don’t face the prospect of being illiterate or incapable of basic mathematics, because anyone can be educated in public schools. So, our perspective is that we have to go to school. We would count it a blessing if there was some reason (e.g. an unusable book) not to do schoolwork. This is a huge opportunity wasted by so many…we get to be educated in America. Regardless of the regularity of it, school is a treasure. That is something I know will stay with me after this trip.

-Coryn M.

High School Kenya Day 3

Wednesday 3/29/17

Today was a great day because we were able to spend so much time with the students at Kiamaiko School. I was on the story team, and we put on a puppet show for the kids! They really enjoyed it, especially when they had the chance to ask us questions about ourselves. After that, we were able to just hang out with them and take lots of pictures. It was nice getting to know them and learn new dance moves and words from their language. I actually connected a lot with the girls by singing a few songs that we all knew! Before our time ended, I had the opportunity to pray for some of the girls to pass their exams. This test is very important to them because passing it allows them to go to high school.

After that, we got to walk into a couple homes and share the gospel. One of the homes was a Muslim home. I was very shocked that they allowed us to talk about Christ and to ask them if they have accepted Him into their lives. Even though they didn’t make a decision, I was able to pray for them which I was very happy about. Overall it was a great experience and wonderful opportunity, and I am beyond blessed to be able to do this here!

-Cathy A.

Today was VBS day at Kiamaiko school with grades 6, 7 and 8. We were split into 5 teams: 2 games teams, 2 worship teams, and 1 story team. I was part of the games team in which we played games like limbo, jump rope, tug of war, and freeze dance. It is so amazing to see how little it takes to make the students happy. Giving these kids attention and playing games with them means the world to them, and being able to serve them and do what God has called me to do for a second time has been such a joy so far.

After VBS, I was given the chance to meet my sponsor child, Antony. It was such a blessing to see him again and see the joy on his face in receiving his gifts. Antony is such a kind, loving, and intelligent young boy. I believe that because my family and I sponsoring him, we are not only changing his life but he is changing ours.

At the end of the day, we were able to visit neighboring slums with a fumigation team to meet with families and evangelize to them. This was an amazing opportunity to spread the word of God to these families who come from Muslim backgrounds. We are called to go out and love and share the good news to others, and being able to pray and speak with these people was an experience that I will never forget.

-Dawson C.

High School Kenya Blog Day 4

This has been an amazing experience so far! I am loving every moment I spent with the kids and friends. Today we did  VBS with the younger students of Kiamaiko. We had 5 rotations where we did different activities. The first station was snack where we got to give the kids snacks , bonded with them, and then sang songs together. The next station we went to was face painting. I was laughing so hard at my paintings because they were terrible but the kids still loved them and that’s all that matters. Then we went to the trampolines where the kids had the best times even though they were only on them for 20 seconds. The fourth rotation was the sack races and the jump ropes. The kids were really good at jumping rope. The fifth rotation was a bounce house. The kids loved it even though it was such a short time they had on it. Reflecting on this experience I have seen how much more content with life they are then we are. They have so much less then us yet they are happy. It is really impactful to me seeing how happy they are with what they have. I miss you all.

-Brandon W

Today was a VBS for the younger kids at Kiamaiko where we set up 5 rotations for the children. The five rotations we had set up was a face painting booth, a trampoline, a bouncy castle, snack, and games which was jump rope and sack races. It was really amazing to see these kids only have around fifteen seconds on the trampoline and still happy as can be. Not a single kid was complaining or saying they wanted more time. They were so excited to jump around and have fun with their buddies. Then, even at the sack races the little ones kept falling down but they didn’t even care they just wanted to have fun, even at the face painting station they didn’t get to see what we painted on their face but they didn’t care and still were happy and had so much joy. Even the angel that I painted on this little boys face wasn’t the best looking angel but he just loved it and was showing all of his friends how cool it looked. So far this trip has been an amazing experience and it is only getting better day by day. The first day we walked through the slums was definitely an eye opener on how the other side of the world we may not think about as much lives. What was very interesting that I notice was the pure joy in every child’s heart even though the circumstance that they are living in. That was pretty awesome to see and also a reality check for me in my life to be more thankful for everything in my life.

-Nick V

High School Kenya Blog Day 5

So far this missions trip has been so impactful and heart changing and I can say truthfully Kenya could be my second home. That being said, today was a spiritual test for me. It was the  Kiamaiko School farewell. At the beginning of today my roommates and I led out a devotional and I shared do not be sad to say goodbye but to encourage the young girls and boys and all the workers and truly be in the loving memorable moments. Today I had personally experienced an overload of love. From young children trying to make me dance, to sharing time with social workers.  As the trip is nearing an end, I can proudly say Missions of Hope and the school of Kiamaiko are a true definition of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

-Noah B

My week in Kenya has changed me so much spiritually, but this day in particular I had to say goodbye to the kids that go to the school we were visiting. Even though I only met them this week, I have grown so attached to them and they have grown so attached to me. I have loved getting to know these kids, so saying bye was very emotional for me because I do not know if I will ever see them again. A couple kids asked me if I was ever coming back and that really hit me because I do not know if I ever will. Although the goodbye was sad, the kids gave us a very special goodbye treat. They performed for us and made us feel very special. I also got the chance to really spend time with my sponsor kid which was amazing. I just held on to her because I did not want to say goodbye. The smile she gave me every time I hugged her was so priceless. When I did leave, the kids followed our bus until they could not follow it anymore. God has really showed me so much on this trip. Especially to be thankful for everything you have because I have it good back home. My faith is even stronger now because of the few days I’ve been here so far and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for me here.

-Illeleana F

High School Kenya Blog Day 6

Today we went to the Joska boarding school to do our VBS. This is a special experience for them and it’s also an amazing experience for me. This is the first time these students had a team do VBS with them. We had five different rotation teams. They were snack, worship, craft, games, and story. I was in the craft team. First, we told a story about Daniel and then we taught them what it means to be courageous and how we can show courage. At the end we showed them a bible verse Deuteronomy 31:6 ” Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” 

 After VBS, we went to the boys high school and visited their new classroom and dormitory. We also visited the place that makes the bottled water for us. After that we went to the girls high school. They prepared a presentation for us that was pretty cool.

 This is an amazing trip for me. The favorite part for me so far is talking to the kids. They are really kind and optimistic. They love their country and their life. Even though their families have economic difficulty, they are still full of hope for life.

 -Tristan L.

After a long drive, we came to the Joska boarding school. We came to do VBS with the primary school that had never had anyone do VBS for them. I was on the snack team and gave the kids snacks when we went to their classes. Then we prayed with the kids before they ate. They enjoyed their delicious cookies and milk. When kids finished eating, we also taught them a bible verse with hand motions. They were very excited to learn the hand motions that we taught them. At the end they sang us a song and it was really nice. 

We also got to take a tour of the boys high school and see the water plant where they provide clean purified water. It was cool getting to see how they make the water pure and package it so we can drink it. Then we went to the girls high school and they had a presentation for us that was very good. 

This trip has been very good. My favorite part so far is to talk and play with the kids. They are just so loving and joyful, which impress me so much.

-Henry X

High School Kenya Blog Day 7

Being now my second time in Kenya since March of 2016, I have definitely had a different experience. I am very thankful that I had many supporters throughout my time fundraising and before I debrief my experience, I want to give thanks to everyone who supported me. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are the reason I was able to be the hands and feet of Jesus. You’re the reason I was able to show love to the Kenyan people. Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity! Today we were able to attend a service at the Kiamaiko church. I was very happy to see that their church had grown! When I was at the church, I looked around and saw that many of the children we invited to church had attended. Many of them traveled by themselves to attend church with us! As I was leaving from the church I read a letter Zedin (the love of my life)  cousin gave me before I left. After reading her letter that left me in tears, I really thought about what I had done this week. I thought about why I was called here and why my heart felt at home when I was in the slums. There is so much to say about what I did and what I experienced but my mind goes back to the one day I got to share the gospel to a Muslim woman in the middle of the slums. This was the day we got to visit the homes in the slums because they were getting rid of bed bugs. We visited a few homes before coming into a small home that was a maze walking into. She stood in the dark with her child near her as my team and I crowded into her home. We introduced ourselves and got to hear her story. She told us that she was a single mother that ran away from her husband because he would beat her. She struggled to help her family and asked us to pray over her home. She told us of her experience with being in a Christian school and having Crossroads Church come into her home years before, but she feared changing her life and becoming a born again Christian. She feared that the people of the slums would hurt her for changing. She ran away from abuse she feared she would again face abuse from the slums. I read a few verses to her and she opened up to us more. I then asked if I could share the story of Jesus. She let me and I was able to experience evangelizing. After we told her we would pray over her choice and before we left her home my heart was stirring and racing. God put it on my heart to ask if I could hug her before we left. The social worker explained why I wanted to give her a hug and told her it was a physical symbol of Gods love. Her eyes started to fill with tears and she had a banana smile. We took some pictures and then went on our way, but I’ll never forget her face when I looked back once more. I saw a change in her face. I could tell Jesus was stirring in her heart. I almost wanted to run back into her arms and cry with joy with her. I will never forget looking back and seeing what the power of Jesus’s love can do. His love changes life’s. I am so thankful.  

-Nariah P

It has been an amazing time here in Kenya! I have been blessed watching our CCHS team serve the children at the various schools we have visited. I have greatly enjoyed the hospitality of our Kenyan hosts. I was blessed with the privilege of giving the sermon at church this morning, which was quite interesting to have my message translated into Swahili as I spoke it! I am in awe of God’s creation as I stand at this moment in the Masai Mara, staring up at a nighttime sky filled with countless stars. I am eager with anticipation as we look forward to our sunrise and sunset safaris tomorrow. But the most impactful moment for me, was seeing the kids from the schools that we served.  Many, if not all of them, live in the Kiamaiko slum in conditions worse than I could have imagined, yet they are filled with joy. I have been incredibly blessed by their joy and the many ways in which they express their love for Jesus. Please join us as we pray for these amazing kids.

Thank you,

Chris S.

High School Kenya Blog Day 8

As we watched the magnificent sun set in the African sky last night, I thanked my son Noah for challenging me to go outside my comfort zone and go on this trip! I’ve been on staff at Crossroads Church for over 10 years and have always heard how amazing Kenya was, but never felt called to go until this year with CCHS. I’m so happy to have experienced it with our CCHS students and staff!! My life is forever changed. I will have the voices and smiles of the sweet children from our schools forever imprinted on my heart. Their strong faith in Jesus amazes me in the midst of such extreme poverty. I loved interacting with them all. Singing, dancing, praying, and laughing together. I loved talking with them so much and even teaching them some Spanish. All they wanted was just some of my time and attention, so simple!

 I was most impressed with the teachers and social workers. They are missionaries in their own country changing lives one at a time. I really enjoyed working with them. I had a special bond with them! They are the connection to the community and children! I will continue to keep my new sisters in prayer as they work 6 days a week to make a difference in the community for Jesus. 

 We were so extremely blessed to meet, play, hug and laugh with our sweet 9 year old sponsor child, Sarah. She has a very special place in my heart! So painfully shy but by the end of our time together she claimed “big Noah” as hers! I know she’s well taken care of in the program and I’m hopeful for her future.

 The highlights of this trip are too many to sum up in a few sentences, but what I can say is that these children have hope for a future and life because of Missions of Hope International. It’s so beautiful to see the body of Christ work together in unity! I’m so very proud of our CCHS team and how hard they worked–how they gave themselves up to be used for His purpose. “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1 NIV

 -Debbie B.

I had expectations coming to Kenya from stories friends have shared over the years. I expected to be shocked and saddened beyond bearing. I expected devastating hopelessness. All of that was there, but God showed me instead much beauty. These are the snapshot moments that will never leave me.

– The Pangani slums

Women going about their work outside washing clothes, making food, tending their little carts. They would look at us and nod, or greet us and smile if we spoke to them. There were the sweetest children, 2 & 3 years old, running around playing, looking after each other, playing greeters to these strange American guests, making us feel at home with hugs and lots of hands to hold.

-The Kiamaiko school children: they will always have my heart. They ushered us in and up to the very rooftop of the new 6 story, nearly complete, school building where they told us to “sit back and relax” as each group performed for us– the scout troop, the singers, the dancers and the storytellers. Tears ran down my face at each beautiful word from these precious children. All around us were acres and acres of slums where these children call home, and yet here they were, a beacon of hope on the highest point in the village. And everywhere I looked, people were coming out on the tenement balconies or standing in the streets to hear them. “They shine like stars in the universe”.

-Home visits in the Kiamaiko slums

Going into the tiny haphazard homes of these women with whom the social workers have been working, we were treated like honored guests. I loved their beautiful faces, shy and humble, as the social worker praised each of them for being good mothers and hard working women. How often do they probably hear that? What an honor to share Christ with them and to show His love.

-Our CCHS kids

One of my greatest joys was riding the bus each day to serve, and hearing quiet songs of praise rise up spontaneously from the back of the bus. They were 200% committed and faithful to the calling God has placed on them, and it was such an honor getting to serve with them.

I am leaving Kenya feeling hopeful because of the changes to life in the slums that my returning teammates could see. I have hope because of the amazing work of Missions of Hope and their dedicated staff “missionaries in their own country”. It gives me hope for the change to continue and for this next generation to have a chance at a better life for them and their children. So grateful I could be a part of it for these 10 days, and continuing forever in my prayers and sponsorship. Keep doing the good work. Do what you are called to do.

Matthew 9:36-38

-Jenn M.