Kenya Blog Day 1

The trip so far has been crazy fun. Being with my team and experiencing the long flights and beautiful scenery has been amazing. When we landed in Kenya and got on the bus to ride to the place we’re staying, I noticed how different the culture was out here. It opened my eyes big time. We weren’t even in the slums yet and saw that people out here are living in poverty. I got pretty emotional on the ride. It made me notice how blessed I was. As we pulled into the hotel, the Kenyans greeted us warmly by singing us a song and serving us drinks and taking our luggage. It’s crazy how they are so humble, genuine and warm hearted. They are truly an example of God’s love, and I can’t wait to serve out here! It’s going to be a life changing journey.

 Troy H.


Hi, I want to share my first couple of experiences on this trip. My first experience was that it was my first time on a plane. At first, I was really nervous as we were boarding and felt a little nauseous, but I was fine as soon as I sat down. But once the plane took off and we were in the air moving smoothly, it was like I was in heaven. With all the soda I could want, I watched movies and listened to music. Iit was pretty great for a first flight. This is an experience of a lifetime for anyone, and I get to experience it all as my first time. Seeing Dubai was pretty amazing, and now we are in Nairobi , and will be going to church Sunday morning. I’m excited and looking forward to VBS and for what God has in store for us.

– Cheyanne D.

Kenya Blog Day 2

Today we had the immense pleasure of attending our Kenya church, and I can’t adequately put into words the joy I experienced in the service this morning. It wasn’t because the church was beautiful; it wasn’t because the worship sounded amazing; and it wasn’t because the word of God was out-of-this-world. It was because the church was in the middle of the slums, with people outside selling just about anything to make a buck or two, while the people in the church praised and worshipped God with full, whole hearts, dancing in their seats, in the aisles, singing how great God is. It is this faith, the faith in knowing how ABSOLUTE God’s goodness is even when living in the slums means having a home for six people that is smaller than my bedroom, and the home is set a foot away from trash that’s been piling up for who knows how long. It’s the faith I saw in this community of people, the joy they had for life that completely astounded me and broke my heart for the good. It’s just the beginning of our trip and I’ve seen God move incredible so far.

-Tracy T.


God’s Perfect Timing…

Sunday July 16, 2017, I had just woken in Nairobi, Kenya and it was about 4am in the morning. Everyone was still sleep and I was prompted to get up by the Holy Spirit. So I got up, showered, and got ready for the Day. While outside sitting alone in the foyer alone, I finished with my alone time with the Lord, reading the word of God and journaling. For some strange reason I reached inside my left pants pocket, and I felt something inside. When I pulled the object out, it was letter from my kids. Immediately I started to read my son’s letter, and I was overcome with Joy, and tears began to roll down my cheeks as I got to the end of his letter.

Zane Jr: “Hey dad. I wonder what day you’ll get this one.  You know me, I’m not one to do all those fancy things or make you a card, but I write to you in this small letter to tell you that I love you a lot and I wish/pray for your safety out there in Kenya. I’m trying to guess what day you got this, I’m thinking in the 3rd day you got this but hey I’m probably wrong but anyways, Love you dad. Sincerely Zane A. Sawyer Jr.”.

Now comes to God’s perfect time, the clothes for Church I was supposed to be wearing had a stain from something that spilled in my suitcase and I had to pick a different outfit to wear from the other 4 outfits I had packed. Not knowing the letters would be in the pocket of the one I picked out for Sunday. And exactly on the 3rd day of my trip I found the letters of my Son and Daughter like it had been revealed to my Son when he wrote in his letter. God’s perfect timing has been with me from the beginning of my Journey, and you only have to be in the moment to see the Father in all his Splendor. God Bless and have a Great Night…

-Zane S.

Kenya Blog Day 3

How can I even explain today… it felt like a dream. But A Dream with also a harsh realization for the people in Kenya. Walking the slums of Pangani is something I can’t even put words to, but the smiles and the hugs of people, despite their circumstance, screamed Jesus. When you walk the slums, you see endless hope and opportunities to make a change. I am praying endlessly for Pangani and all the people I saw today.

Then, it was time to meet the sponsorship children… A DREAM COME TRUE… something I’ve dreamed about, meeting my sweet Abdikadir. He was so cute and so excited about everything (getting him a fidget spinner was definitely a great buy). But his lit-up face among the many other kids we met today was amazing. I am so humbled to know a Heavenly Father who LOVES his children.

-Jordyn D.


Today was a rollercoaster of emotions. We started our day at Pangani where we received a tour of the school. They taught us the history of Missions of Hope (MOHi) from where it began in 2000 to where it is today. We learned about other assistance programs that MOHi offers other than sponsorship, one of which is offering loans to those who live in the slums. One of the leaders who helps run MOHi told us a very touching story.

A woman was posing on the streets as a disabled mother of 2 boys who begged for money. She used her boys to beg for money as she would lie on the floor “handicapped”. She made good money from this. One day her kids were picked up by the police, and when she saw this, she ran. The police were going to take the boys to a rehabilitation center until they could find the mother. She went to the police who had her boys begging and pleading to give them back. She shared with them how her husband died and left her alone with no money. She promised she would never go into the streets again. They took her up on her promise and returned the boys to her.

In her efforts to stay off the streets and keep her promise, she went to MOHi and asked for a loan of $10 ($1,000 shillings). She wanted to start a business of selling soap. Upon approval of the loan, she bought a few bars of soap, cut them into small pieces and sold them for an affordable price. Her business grew rapidly as the need grew. She now has 3 boys– 2 boys in high school and 1 in university, and owns her own house outside of the slums. With the help of MOHi and in the process of starting her business, she also became Christian.

I was blown away by her story and how MOHi helped her by providing what we may think is a small loan of $10. I couldn’t help but wonder, where would she have been if MOHi denied her loan? Or if they didn’t exist at all? Where would her kids be? The leader said something that I really liked: “OUR MISSION IS TO HELP KIDS REACH A SAFARI TO HEAVEN”.. Amen!

After our tour we did home visits in the slums of Kiamaiko. My team and I met a mother of 7 who needed prayer for her children, especially her 2 month old baby, her absent husband, and her finances. Her house had 1 mattress, a small bench and table. No kitchen, no bathroom, no living room, no nothing. Her house was  6’x4′, Can you imagine? 8-9 people live in this house. Our 3 social workers had to stay outside while the 4 of us sat inside because we couldn’t all fit. We were able to hold her baby and pray for her and her family. 2 of her kids attend the Pangani school and do very well in their studies. She said she is a Christian, goes to church, loves Jesus and has faith in Him. I was blown away by her love for Jesus and her faithfulness considering the circumstances she was in.

We then went on to meet our sponsorship kids. 50+ kids waiting to meet us and receive their gifts. I got to meet my beautiful 4 year old Ann whom I sponsor. Her smile was more beautiful than the stars, her eyes sparkled brighter than the sun, her love so pure and innocent. She didn’t even care about the things I got her and just wanted me to carry her, hold her, and take pictures with her. All I can say is, today was filled with love, the love that God tells us over and over again to reflect on others. I was supposed to reflect my love on others today and instead everyone I met reflected their love on me.

-Priscilla T.


Today, we went to Pangani school in the slums for orientation. We heard how Missions of Hope is transforming the community in the slums, the progress from the last few years and where the mission is going. It opened me up to see what God has been doing out here. It brought tears to my eyes that because of one persons faithfulness in their calling, these people are getting the help they desperately need. After orientation, we walked through the slums and did home visits. We had kids walk up to us and hug us. I just wanted to hug them all. We visited a family of four in their shanti. I was playing with the two year old and was making her laugh. Then we met our sponsor child. It was everything I’ve been waiting for and I started to tear up when I seen Ruth. I hugged her, talked to her, I showed her pictures of my family and she said she was very happy to see me. She was shy but even in her quietness, nothing meant more to me than being in her presence and telling her how much she is loved by everyone who helped me get here. This experience so far has been one I will never forget. Thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey.


Kenya Blog Day 4

Today can be summed up in one phrase, “the love and grace of Jesus is thriving here in Kenya”, and today was such a perfect example of just that. We were up early, ready to jump into our first day of VBS at Bethany Center with the younger kids. On the bus ride I couldn’t help but think of all the kids that were going to be there. Shortly after, over a thousand sweet little babies gathered in lines to receive their VBS t-shirt. It was so special to see them put it on with such joy. I was placed in the craft area of VBS, so we headed there and waited for those neon shirts to flood our room. Soon enough, we got to lead out in craft time where the kids made superhero masks! I loved seeing the creativity that they displayed. For me personally, I wasn’t able to meet my sponsor child because she wasn’t there yesterday and my heart was broken, but today I got to meet her and love on her like I have prayed for many months. After we wrapped up VBS, we went to do home visits. It was such an eye opening experience. Jesus was so prevalent and ready for us to speak His words. A woman by the name of Priscilla welcomed us into her home so lovingly and even gave her life to Jesus! The work God is doing in this place is more than I could have thought. The love of Jesus is alive and oh so good.
-Taylor D.

Today was the first day of VBS and I had a blast. The younger kids were with us today and they had so much energy. Since I was a part of the snack rotation, I was able to interact with the children as they enjoyed some milk and cookies. I was able to talk, sing, dance and jump with them. I had an amazing time. My day got even better when I had the opportunity to meet my sponsor child. His name is Patrick and he is the most adorable five year old I have ever seen. He has the cutest smile and the sweetest spirit. During my visit with him I got to take pictures and kick a soccer ball around since he didn’t know much English. After my visit with him, he would come up to me and hug me and smile every time he would see me. Finally, we ended our day doing home visits. We got to visit two homes and talk to two women about their lives and their families. We also got to pray for them. It was an amazing time. In this short amount of time God has really revealed so much to me and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the rest of my time here.
- Maddie G
Jesus says, “Blessed are the children, for theirs is the Kingdom of God.” I don’t pretend to know what it was like for Jesus to walk down the streets of Jerusalem, but today, I feel as though I got a slight glimpse of the joy Jesus felt when the kids ran after him.
Today, we had our first day of VBS, and it was amazing! I can’t even begin to describe how smitten I was over the kids that we were working with. However, for me, walking through the slums and doing home visits was where I experienced a strong conviction from God.
The second we walked into the slums, the children ran up to us and gave each person multiple high fives. At first, I kind of overlooked the depth behind giving them any form of physical touch, but upon realizing that these children experience a severe lack of affection from their parents, I understood the most effective way I could love on these kids was by continuing to give them high fives, no matter how many times they asked for one. The only issue was that these kids aren’t exactly the cleanest… nevertheless, we played with them, and even held their hands for however long they wanted. Once we spent a small amount of time loving on those kids, we decided it was time to keep moving forward and look for people that we could pray over.
We walked from door to door introducing ourselves to people and asking if we could pray for them, and if so, what for. Every time we finished praying, we would look outside the doors and see the kids still standing there, waiting in anticipation for us to come back so they could play with and follow us some more. As we would walk, the kids would cheer, “muzungu, muzungu!”
The faith these kids had in us was unlike anything I have ever experienced back in America. Even though they had only just met us, they knew that we loved them, and genuinely wanted to be with them, even when we weren’t right in front of them. I realized after getting on the bus to go back to the Grace House, that the behavior displayed by these kids is the behavior God desires us to have with Him.
God desires us to walk along side Him, and even run up to Him with faith knowing that we are His beloved. We don’t need to come to Him at our best, we just need to simply come and He will accept us as we are, and love us unconditionally.
I am grateful for the small amount of time that I have been here and I cannot wait to continue experiencing more of these small blessings over the next 10 days. Thank you all for your support and prayers for the Kenya team.
Nawapenda (🌍)
-Jordanne C

Kenya Blog Day 5

Back in February, I asked my husband if he wanted to go with me to Kenya this year to meet our sponsor children. We thought it would be fun.

Little did I know that this decision came from someone far greater than me! I have met people from Crossroads who have changed my life forever! We traveled 11,000 miles to be loved on by our kids, and to love on hundreds more!
These children don’t have the comforts that we do, but their spirits and heart outweigh anything I have experienced.

Our daughter, Katie, has come here twice in the past, and she tried to describe. There are no words.

I hope those of you reading this will venture out of your comfort zone one day. These children need to know we care!

I am thankful to God for placing me here!

Praise God!

Kathy D.

Kenya has been many of the things people say it is, and yet none of it at the same time. No words will do justice for what you have to see with your own eyes and feel in your heart. Driving to church on our first day, I remember thinking, “Jesus loves this place.” In the days to follow, I have seen the deep reality of the slums and how God’s light shines through like tiny piercing holes in true darkness. Every trip, every good work, every person that comes is another light poking through.

In the past 2 days of VBS, we have sat with 1,300 kids amid a flurry of animal crackers and milk boxes. We danced, sang, played games, took LOTS of photos, hugged lots and talked about ourselves. They want to know about my family, my friends, even my dog.

They remember Kenya team members from years and years back and repeatedly ask if we know their sponsors. Oh and they LOVE Jesus. They are children just like the ones that live in our own homes– they have personalities and emotions and struggles and quirks. And because of faithfulness, they have a future.

I made friends with 3 eighth grade girls who found out I am studying science, and we have talked about static electricity, growing plants, anatomy, and even the periodic table. The impact of child sponsorship has stared me in the face as these 13 year old girls who live in the slums of Nairobi held a conversation about energy transfer with me after church on Sunday. The necessity of God’s work is seen in the slums and the fruit of it is prevalent in the children.

Leslie H.

After 10 years in missions, there are still those times when I find myself out of my comfort zone. Back in April when I was in Kenya with our worship arts team, I had a meeting with the staff of Kiamaiko School to plan this year’s VBS. They presented me with a challenge from the 7th & 8th grade classes. They told the head teacher that they wanted more out of VBS; they wanted to be challenged. Our program serves kindergarten through 8th grade, so I could see why they were feeling a little bored. 

They asked if we could have someone preach on leadership using the story of Joseph. I normally have a teaching pastor with us, but this year I didn’t. That’s when God put it on my heart that I needed to step up and do it! Our Crossroads Jr High Pastor Craig helped me with the message, one he had taught a few days before I asked for help on this topic. It’s amazing because God gave him the exact message that the Kenyans asked us to teach on!

Watching them turn the pages in the Bibles which Crossroads donated last year as I shared the message was simply beautiful. The message was interactive using small groups. Our team helped to facilitate the questions along with the Kiamaiko staff. The challenge was clear: Rise up as a leader in your influence at school and with family, friend groups, and your community. No matter your circumstance, remain faithful and so will God. 

In my planning I decided to also teach them bible journaling using art. We passed out a drawing sketch pad, a watercolor kit and colored pencils, and other small items they needed. Cyrus, my sponsor child, was sitting in the front row and asked me, “do we get keep these?” I said yes and he almost jumped out of his seat he was so excited. When we announced to the room that everything was theirs to keep, the room erupted in applause. It melted my heart and filled me with joy! We can forget how the simple things we may have an abundance laying around the house can mean so much to someone halfway around the world.

We discussed the importance of a daily quiet time with God and helped them explore how to use art to journal. We also gave kits to the teachers. Everyone sat about 45 minutes working on their journals. The art that came out of it was beautiful. At the end of the session, I went back to Cyrus and wanted to see what he was drawing. He was still working on his, but I was blown away at his drawing of Moses! I didn’t realize what a talented artist he was. 

I was recently with a missions team in Israel and while there, God really spoke to me that it’s time for me to not be comfortable– to challenge myself as I am always challenging others to do with each outreach experience. The blessing is worth every uncomfortable moment. 

Lisa M.
Pastor of Global Outreach 


Kenya Blog Day 6

There are no words to express the things I’ve experienced and how AMAZING Kenya is. Today we had a “fun day” where all the kids had the chance to play & dance around! There was a water slide, train ride, trampoline, dance floor & a face painting station. It was the cutest thing ever seeing these kids have so much fun!

I also finally had the chance to meet my sponsor child named Guye. I got to spend time with her all day and play with her! My experience so far has been a rollercoaster filled with so many emotions. I was starting to feel a bit homesick but seeing the love and happiness from the children’s faces made me forget all about it.

Being out here in Kenya has made me realize how much these people, specifically children, need so much love & attention. I’ve learned a lot about myself so far throughout this trip, and I can’t wait to see much more of God’s beauty and creation I will get to experience.

Isabel A.


Some of the days here in Kenya have been a little bit tough or hard to experience. But today was honestly just pure joy. We did a day of fun for all the little ones from Kiamaiko and I was helping at the dancing and face painting station, so it was super fun. All the kids were trying to get me to dance like them. Obviously I failed at it, but they all had fun laughing at me so it was worth it.

One part that was super amazing was seeing my sponsor kid, Geofry, for the whole day! I was able to dance with him and paint his face, and at one point he just sat down with me and leaned his head against me. We sat like that for a while, so it was nice being able to just spend time with him and get to know who he is.

One of the teachers who I had been talking with last night saw me with Geofry and told me she was one of his teachers. We were able to talk about him, and she told me he’s a great student and has a lot of friends who are all super sweet. It was nice knowing that he has good friends and that his teachers take good care of him. Also, there was another girl, Mercy, who was super little and she was attached to me the whole day. So for most of the day I had Mercy in my arms and Geofry holding my hand. It is just so incredible how much these kids love you and how attached they get. Seeing their faces light up when you give them even the tiniest bit of attention makes my heart so happy. These kids teach me so much about joy and faith every time I see them. I am going to miss them with all my heart.

Emma M.


Today was Day of Fun with all the littles. They had such a blast! My group and I were in charge of the trampoline station and the kids enjoyed every minute of it! I met a girl named Hannah. She was attached at my hip, and she was sassy but so sweet. She was so content hugging me the whole way as we walked and talked.

If there is one thing I’ve gotten from this trip or has stuck with me already is that these kids just want love. They love to hold your hand when you smile at them. They light up with such joy. How genuine they are, how intentional, how loving, how true their love is for Jesus and for people. It’s so real and it’s contagious. Every day, even leading up to this trip, it’s been about sharing the Love of Christ, but through these kids this is all I’ve experienced. Jesus’ love for us is all those things: true, genuine, pure, and contagious.

Domonique B.

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Kenya Blog Day 7

This trip has been absolutely life-changing. The Lord has shown me that the key to living a missions lifestyle is to serve others first and focus on loving the person in front of you. The love that the kids from the Kiamiako school have shown us has honestly blown my mind and has brought to life the bible’s teaching that if you have the Lord, you lack nothing. Though these kids have little, materially, they have every good thing in Christ Jesus. It’s crazy how so many of the kids remember your name after simply saying it once and are so eager to learn about you and hold your hand. This trip has lit a fire in my heart that won’t go out anytime soon. Also, many of the kids are convinced that I’m Spider-Man and keep telling me that they want to see me on television.

-Alix C.

One of the staff members here, Jane, came by our table at breakfast this morning to offer us chai (I think I’m addicted to chai at this point of the trip) and we asked if she needed prayer for anything. She immediately told us about some family issues she was having and that she needed prayer for her grandmother. The fact that she felt comfortable enough to let us into that part of her life was awesome. Jane could have been really vague, but decided to open up to us, and I thank God for the relationships we’ve developed because of something as simple as prayer. She said she woke up and it was too hard for her to pray but was so grateful that we got a chance to pray together. Safe to say, my morning was off to a pretty good start 🙂

So today marked our last day of VBS and it’s crazy how fast it went by. I was able to build some great friendships with a lot of the students. I was definitely excited to see them all today, but it was bittersweet because it would be the last time. We started the day off with a dance competition between my teammates. The kids were the judges and I had a blast showing off some of my moves as well as watching my teammates get down. Everyone loved it! I spent time with my sponsor child, Paul, and got him some brand new shoes. I showed him how to take pictures on my camera and, I swear, little man is a photographer in the making!

I bonded with a lot of kids here and loved playing and talking with them throughout the week, as well as taking their pictures. “Shaunie! Shaunie! Take us a picture!” I can still hear their voices in my head. They place so much importance on being remembered and constantly tested me on their names. I was reminded multiple times not to forget them and I don’t plan on it. As our bus rolled by I heard kids yelling my name, and that’s one of the many things I’ll miss. I’ll continue to pray for their safety and blessings on their future. Their love for us is so massive and genuine. I can’t explain what my time with them meant to me because it goes beyond words, but I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them. Even if it was just a few days, we made an impact and I pray it lasts forever.

Shaunie D.

Today we spent our last day with the Kiamaiko students. We gave the older kids a day of fun, and it was an absolute blast. I loved being able to dance and sing with Michelle, Nancy, Sophie, and all of the other students. As the day was winding down, I knew it was time for farewells. My heart literally aches when I think about it. I always pray that God will bring me back to the beautiful country of Kenya. I love these people and I love being able to witness how God is using Crossroads to change these kid’s lives.

In Isaiah 43:10 it says, ” You are my witnesses says the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me, and understand that I am He….”
This passage is talking about how we are witnesses to the wonderful and powerful things God does.
When we look at the community of Kiamaiko it breaks my heart because I know they need Jesus, and so much work needs to be done. But I know we need to witness this community, as dirty and godless as it is, in order to rejoice and be witnesses to God’s power when the community knows Jesus as their lord and savior.

So, I am sad to leave the kids, but I know God is doing something great with them. I can’t wait to tell the world of all the wonderful things He did within this community because He’s called us to be His witnesses.

-Jessica S.

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Kenya Blog Day 8

Joska!!! Wow what an amazing day!!  Our day started at approx 6:15 am. We all loaded into the bus and went to visit the high school campus.
When we arrived I could hear all the kids singing! It was such a joyful sound. We went into a large worship center and the children began worshiping and praising the Lord by dancing and singing.
Next we all moved over to the baptism pools and the team baptized over 80 children!
I couldn’t help feeling like a proud “Mama” as I watched Cheyanne, my daughter, baptizing . I loved baptizing the students with her!
I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and I couldn’t help thinking about how happy our Lord and Savior must be!!
Praise and Glory to Him!
Carla D.
I’ve been saying a lot that this trip has been completely different from my trip in 2015. I’m understanding the poverty, and the reality of the slums, and it’s hitting me in my chest. I’ve been trying to grasp the faith that they have, because it relies on no thing and no one besides Jesus.
In 2015 I was able to meet one of my friend’s sponsor children, and he changed my life, for lack of better terms. He taught me patience and gentleness, two things in which I lack. I understood our personalities were good for each other because his calm spirit and my outgoing heart inspired each other to be what they weren’t. We spotted each other from across the room, and couldn’t stop smiling. Immediately, we picked up where we left off. Kisses in abundance, dancing all the time, and now, sharing conversations which we couldn’t have in 2015 because he didn’t speak english yet. He spoke grace and faith and love into me, and I realized that Jesus adores him more than I ever could, which is hard for me to wrap my head around. The same God that loves me and keeps me safe knows exactly where Zedin lives and where he walks every day.
There are so many stories and so many things I could say about him, or this place, but I guess to keep it as short as I can, Kenya is home, and Zedin is, by far, the light of the earth and one of Jesus’ most prized possessions.
Sara F.

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Kenya Blog Day 9

With our team in the Mara, there is little to no signal there for blogs. So…instead of written blogs, please enjoy these photo blogs!


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Kenya Blog Day 10

Today was our first VBS in the Masai Mara. As we left our compound to go to the school, we encountered some awesome wildlife including a small herd of giraffe, some gazelles, zebras, baboons and wildebeast. What a great way to start the morning. Once we got to the school, we split up into our groups, and the plan was to go with the flow as it wasn’t as structured as with the other two schools. There are only 300 plus students at the school so the groups were much smaller. This turned out to be a lot more manageable and easier to deal with, and we were able to interact with the children more. I enjoyed that so much. My group has been snack rotation, and during this time we got to quiz the children on math. They have been taught well and I am amazed at how well they speak English at such a young age. One teacher told us that some of the students at the school would have been married by now but were not because they chose to stay in school and receive an education. This tells me that their culture is being changed for the better. At the end of VBS, we had a soccer game with the US vs Kenya. I had high hopes for our team but it faded quickly.  By the end of the game all I can say is we were proud to be standing. I’ll leave it at that. All in all another great day.

 –Doug D.

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The trip so far has been fun. Every interaction with the kids, teachers, security guard, or just anyone gives me the most joy I have ever experienced. Being in games for VBS and seeing my sponsor kid, Chacha, who is in 9th grade now has been great. I had the opportunity to baptize him as well. Baptizing him was a very special moment for him. I have also seen him progress in his walk with Jesus. I made a few life-long relationships that I will cherish forever. I’m glad I’m back home. I love these people and this country with all my heart.
Drew R.
Photos for team members:

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Kenya Blog Day 11

I don’t even know where to start. This trip has been so incredible. I have loved being back in my most favorite country with 27 other amazing people. There are so many stories I wish that I could tell from this trip. But the greatest thing that I have seen is getting to see this team love so selflessly on the people here!
From the moment we landed in Kenya, there has been a sense of unity that we are all here to love and show people who Jesus is! We have seen God do some pretty cool things on this trip! A few highlights for me would have to be that I get to share this trip with my fiancé, Ricky. I have loved being back in the place where our friendship began and led us to where we are now! So thankful to have been on this trip together before we get married! Another cool thing was getting to lead someone to Christ while we were out in the community doing home visits. I have been here six times now and have never been on a home visit where someone accepted Jesus! So getting to experience that was so amazing! I am so excited for the life ahead of the woman who said yes to Jesus. I could go on and on about the stories from this trip. But I am so thankful to be here and experience another trip to Kenya! Until next time!
Tori A.
Today I woke up early at the AA Lodge in Massai Mara to have a bible study with my fiancé, Tori. Two years ago, we were just friends, probably wondering if we’d end up in the same Safari jeep. I don’t know if she was wondering that, but I probably was. Anyways, it was awesome waking up to spend time with Jesus.
Today, was actually really hard for me. It didn’t start that way. As we prepped for our last VBS in the Mara, I was ready! When I say ready, I mean, I knew we would be saying our goodbyes to the kids today. Two years ago, there was one kid that I connected with in the Mara. I’ll be honest, I kind of forgot about that connection. Yesterday, when we arrived at the school, one eighth grade kid came up to me right away and said “Heyyyy!!! I remember you! I missed you so much”!!! I was shocked! I was shocked that someone in the Mara remembered me from two years ago! I instantly felt so special. He tells me his name is Ezekiel. I felt bad because I didn’t remember him. After a couple of hours, I started to remember a kid who gave me a bracelet on our last day in 2015. I remembered how hard it was to say goodbye to that kid. Well flashback to 2017 and that kid is Ezekiel (Pictured on the left). He really is the nicest, loving kid. All throughout VBS he was asking me questions about my life and telling me about his. When it came time for our goodbyes, he took off his bracelet and gave it to me. We got in to our jeeps to leave, and it took everything I had not to let a tear out. It was really hard for me this time. Ezekiel is in the 8th grade. That means there’s a good chance that I won’t get to see him again because he’s going off to high school. I will be praying for him as he will be taking his high school exams in September.
-Ricky D.

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Final Kenya Blogs

Today we are getting ready to go back home and I’ve been thinking about how can I even put into words what we’ve experienced. It almost seems impossible to explain, because so much has happened. There is a difference between the environments of the Nairobi slums and the Mara, but the kids are still the same. The kids are filled with so much excitement, joy and genuine kindness.
I loved learning about the tribes and how education is changing their culture. Young kids are now able to go to school and have dreams instead of marriage. This is the first year they have about 10 girls going into high school. One special moment I will never forget at the school in the Mara happened when I connected with this little boy named Aron. After the farewell, he asked if he could wash my hands because he had something to give me. He poured water from the water bottle and washed my hands. Then he placed a bracelet on my wrist. It was symbolic in their tribe’s rituals as something special.  He gave me a note that said “Best friend.” I instantly thought, “I have to come back to Kenya.” There’s people I love here.
Ending the trip with an all day Safari was so much fun, and God’s creation is so breathtaking. Coming to Kenya has been nothing but a dream I’m living. This place is like no other. My heart has been imprinted with the people here.
-Kathleen R.
Just finished what was the best mission trip ever to Nairobi and Maasai Mara. The medical team was awesome and some of the cases were amazing. We saw 50 patients! But the crowning piece of this trip for me was being able to share it with my son, Tyler. He jumped in and did everything that was asked of him and more. So proud of our whole team and of course, Tyler. God Bless.
-Dr. Don H.
I’ve been coming to Kenya since 2007 and last year was the first year I was not able to go. It was good to be back in a country that has stolen my heart.
I really enjoyed serving with this years team, as they served selflessly and with love. We really became a family.
One thing this trip made me think about is, am I really living with purpose and being authentic? While we were in the Mara working at the school, John Keshe, our local connection, said “every time he goes past the well that Crossroads Church provided  he has to stop and let the water run through his hands he prays for us & remembers the miracle of when they hit water”. Lisa was presented with a pair of shoes from the mothers of the kids from the school. The shoes are decorated with colorful beads and pailllettes that make a sound when ever you take a step and they said every time she wears them and hears the sound with every step  to pray for them and be blessed! When they pray they believe.