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Days 1-3

We left LAX Friday afternoon, traveled all day Saturday, and finally Sunday morning a 2:30am arrival to Gracehouse greeted by a crew of the incredible staff with enough food prepared to feed an army, and a brief meeting of the best warm welcome, and 4:30am Sunday morning bedtime, long days of travel but full heart. Sunday morning 7:30am ready to leave for 10am church at a lively energetic and passionate God church service clearly honoring God with worship and a message. Monday morning we got up and headed to Pangani to learn all about MOHI and the amazing life changing ministry and opportunities of hope for the kids sharing the love of God. We then toured the communities that the kids live within the slums, which was difficult and heart breaking of the living conditions that families live in, although God was there in the midst of it all. The last part of the day was meeting our sponsor child for the first time, Reagan, tomorrow we meet Morgan our second of three sponsored child.  The meeting with Reagan was emotional like the entire day and incredible with an immediate connection. Exhausted at the end of the day, very grateful and humbled ready to rest for the next day.

Suzanne P.

Today was our first non travel day, and what did our team do running on three hours of sleep? We went to church, which was located in the middle of the slums. It was nothing I expected but better than I could have imagined. There is no better sound than hearing children praise the Lord!

During worship, the children broke out in a dance party. Grabbing our hands, we danced and sang songs of praise. It was a sweet glimpse of what Heaven is going to sound like. I wish I could bottle up this experience and have you experience it. They really demonstrated how to love our neighbors.

The Pastor preached an amazing message on having faith over fear. Something so powerful he said was, “When faith walks through the front door, fear jumps through the window.” What a great reminder that even having faith as small as a mustard seed is better than having fear.

After the service, we were able to hangout with the children. I got to meet this beautiful little girl and held her. Within a few minutes, she was falling asleep on my shoulder. These children don’t even know us yet they pour out the love of Jesus to others so freely. I’m challenged to love others the way Kenya loves.

Megan B.

Greetings from Kenya, Africa. I had an amazing experience Sunday at a church in Kimiako. I caught the attention of a very little girl that was two or three years old. When our eyes connected, she began to walk towards me. The scripture Jesus says,“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14, immediately entered my thoughts. Then, she reached out her hands for my hands, and we touched. Another scripture immediately came into my thoughts, “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 18:3. 

Humbled by this little girls small action I saw God. The pastors hook in his message was Faith comes in the door and fear goes out the window; the Psalmist writes fear not for I am with you thy rod and staff comfort you. That little girl was fearless in coming to greet me as I was fearful. Be fearless not fearful!

Dave B.

Although the past couple days have felt long from travel, I felt renewed in joy and love. Sunday we got to go to church and the way the people of Kiamaiko worship Jesus is so refreshing and fills you with joy. They LOVE Jesus and are full of pure joy which is very evident, not only that but it’s contagious. During all the singing and dancing all you could see were smiles, my heart had never felt happier than in that moment. 

During our day in Pangani, I felt a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s one thing to see pictures of slums and living conditions but it’s different when you are actually in it. My heart hurt a little seeing the conditions the people here live in but I am blessed to have seen it as its changed a lot of my perspective on my own personal life. Additionally in the day, I met one of my sponsor children, Beth, and she was so cute and sweet! We spent a lot of time jumping rope as it’s her favorite thing to do and she is incredibly good at it! One thing that stuck with me was she continued to thank me and hug me. I felt so loved by her. It makes my heart happy knowing she knows how much I care for and love her. I additionally met with a boy, Elijah, he had the cutest smile and was playing with one of the gifts he received. Today was a wonderful day, full of love for and from other people I interacted with! 

Love, Ashley 🙂

Day 4

Today was the first day of Vacation Bible Study VBS in Kiamaiko, and what a blessing that truly was. Seeing the smiles of each one of those kids and the genuine love of Jesus was inspiring. Each time we donate to MOHI, hope is given to these children and they know they are loved. With VBS we had four rotations including snacks, games, crafts, and puppets! The kids loved each one of the rotations and had so much fun. I was part of the puppets rotation which was a blast. It gave me so much joy when the children would laugh every time the puppets would do something funny, while also listening to the skit about Jesus’s love. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to share this experience with everyone on the team and grateful for the honor of meeting every person I encounter.

Ava B.

Today in Nairobi, Kenya we were at the Kiamaiko school site. When we arrived at the school the children were singing to us and it was beautiful. This was my first time being in Kenya and also my first time ever doing a Vacation Bible School VBS. We walked a short distance to get to our school and when we arrived the children were singing to us from the roof of the building. We also joined in worship on the roof with them, it was amazing!!!! I was on the crafts team so we handed out cowboy hats and handkerchiefs. It was precious to see them put the hats on and color their handkerchiefs. All the children are so fun and sweet!!! I was blessed to see my sponsor child Zainabu again and I was so happy to see her. I was blessed to meet her mother who has a beautiful smile just like Zainabu. This experience so far has been amazing and I look forward to doing my next missionary trip.

Ninon M.

Day 5

Today we did VBS at the Kiamaiko School. I had the opportunity of being on the puppet and worship team this year. It was so much fun to tell a story to the kids about how they can shine their light for Jesus and be a light to others in this world. We also got to sing different worship songs with the kids and it is always such a joyful time praising the Lord together.  Today I sponsored my very first child through MOHI. This is my 3rd time coming to Kenya and I’ve always wanted to sponsor a child but it never felt like the right time, This trip I decided to take that step and it really felt like perfect timing. My girl’s name is Kyliee and she is the sweetest most precious little girl. My heart is overjoyed and I am so extremely grateful that I have been blessed enough to be able to do this. I hope to sponsor more kids if/when I come back to Kenya in the future. I will remember this day forever and the sweet time I had to spend and play with my sponsor girl. 

Becca B.

Today was a very sweet day that I will remember forever. I was on the VBS puppet team. When I first found out about being on this team I was a little nervous since it is a little out of my comfort zone. However, it has been so amazing to hear how much these kids love Jesus. We did home visits today and got to pray for two families. One was a grandmother caring for her four grandchildren. They lost everything due to the flooding and the grandmother is unable to do any work due to severe leg pain. We had the privilege to love on her and give her words of encouragement as she goes through this difficult season. 

Finally, I started sponsoring my first child today. She is six years old and is so precious. Her name is Rihanna and one of her favorite things is jumping rope. I am so excited to watch her grow and see the amazing woman she will become.

Annelise G.