What is the responsibility of a Group leader? 

We believe one of the best ways to know and follow Jesus is in a Group where community and obedience to God’s word may be honed and sharpened. This also allows us to deeply care for one another as we navigate the world around us.  

As a Group leader, you will be essential in the spiritual shepherding and caring for members in your group.  

Groups Leader Commitment  

  • Lead with moral authority through authenticity and vulnerability  
  • Attend Group leader trainings  
  • Provide regular communication with the Groups Ministry Team   

 Group Leader Essential Functions   

  • Provide spiritual leadership to your group members  
  • create an environment in community where members can GROW in their commitment to Christ 
  • Foster relationships with your group members where they can grow in the cause of Christ by caring for one another.  
  • Encourage your group to Serve their Church, in Local and International Outreach 
  • Communicate well with Groups Pastor and coordinator for: attendance, roster, and any other changes in your Group.  
  • Always seek to multiply your Group.  
  • Pray regularly for the members in your Group.  

Prepare & Lead  

  • Listen to the Midweek/Weekend sermon.  
  • Come to the meeting prepared  
  • Complete the Personal Study 
  • Make sure all media is working (for those running Right Now Media or video messages).  
  • Pray for your Group and group time.  

Track the Needs of and care for Group Members 

As a Group Leader, you will often be the first line of spiritual defense in the lives of your group members. It will be your responsibility (along with your Co-Host) to stay connected with the spiritual pulse of the people in your group.  

Care for and Visit Members in the Hospital

When a crisis or major illness hits, your group needs to spring into action. While your host will take the lead in providing any needed meals or practical help, you as a Group Host need to be sure that you and others from the group are available for prayer and support.

Communicate problems with Groups Pastor

It is possible that some issues will surface in your group or in a member’s life that are beyond your experience, expertise, or comfort zone. In that case, communicate your concerns to your Groups staff or senior staff contact for guidance and additional help.

To Become a Group Leader

The criteria for becoming a group leader are: 

  • Have previously been in a Crossroads Group.  
  • Have completed a Group’s leader application.  
  • Have:
    • made a decision to follow Jesus.  
    • been baptized by immersion.  
    • made Crossroads their home church 
    • tithe here at Crossroads 
    • had a conversation with the Groups Staff member  
    • provided us with your Group profile to be placed online including a defined SIL and subject of study