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Step 1

Invite Others

Your first step is to invite others to join your group. There are two parts to this: who and how. 

WHO: The most impactful invitations will be the ones offered to those you already have a relationship with. Think about friends, co-workers, neighbors, nearby family members, other parents involved in your kids’ activities, etc. 

HOW: Don’t overthink this! Something as simple as “I get together with some other people each week to eat, laugh, and talk about life and faith. I’d love for you to join us sometime!” 

Though you have the option of having your group listed on crossroadschurch.com/groupsfinder the best and most effective way to grow your Group is through your personal invitation. 

Step 2

Prepare for Guests 
  • Schedule your first meeting
  • Check out child care solutions 
  • Send a welcome email to your guests 
  • Manage your group

Each week you will prepare for your guests by setting the environment and reviewing the Group Discussion Guide. 

Step 3

Discuss as a Group

Finally, you will facilitate a discussion with your group members covering the Group Discussion Guide, another curriculum chosen by the Leader / Host, from Right Now Media or other curriculum.

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Make new friends that will become family and go deeper in your relationship with God by becoming a Group Leader or Host. You can start by filling out the leader / host application below.