Blessed to be a Blessing

Your generosity changes lives here at Crossroads. Whether you are regularly tithing, or giving a one time gift, we are thankful for your generosity.

Boldly Bless

One of our beliefs here at Crossroads is that you are blessed to be a blessing and twice a year we enter into a season called Boldly Bless. This happens the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas and the 5 weeks before Easter. During Boldly Bless, we ask everyone watching our services, from Kids Ministry to our Adult Worship Experience, to give $1 more than they normally give. This means if you give $100 every week, we ask you to give $101, if you give $0 every week we ask that you give $1. We then take our weekly attendance and use that number to bless someone(s) in need every week.

Celebrate the Blessings with us!

Boldly Bless Spring 2021

Week 03.31 & 04.03

We heard about a young man who rear ended someone. The damage to the car he hit was pretty minimal, but the damage to his car was substantial. He has liability insurance, so his insurance doesn’t cover any of the repairs for his car, or a rental car. He has been living in his car from when this pandemic hit and he uses his 24 hour fitness membership to fulfill his hygiene needs. He has a job and is working on saving up for an apartment, but his car is everything to him. When we heard about the accident and the repairs needed, we were able to cover the full cost of the repairs and a rental car for him too!We also heard about a single mom who has a two-month-old and, unfortunately due to insurance issues, ended up with $12,000 in medical bills from her delivery. For years she has cared for her brother and sister and even her mom. Now that she’s a mom she need someone to care for her. We were able to use the rest of Boldly Bless funds to help her reduce her debt and be able to care for her and her daughter and the rest of her family.We were able to cover these two big blessings because we have someone in church who matched our Boldly Bless amount this week!

Week 03.24 and 03.28

We discovered two women who are undergoing tremendous difficulty in their homes right now. One woman’s husband is fighting for his life in the hospital. He has leukemia. His wife doesn’t work and they have 5 kids. In caring for her family, they got behind on many of their bills and are facing a 60 day notice. Another woman’s husband is stuck in Mexico. His paperwork to be a resident in the states was halted in the midst of Covid and he has been unable to make it back to care for his family. His wife works and is supporting her 4 kids and her husband who is in Mexico, but she has also fallen behind on her bills and is struggling to stay afloat. We were able to call these women and tell them we are covering their past due bills!

Week 03.17 & 03.21

We found out about 6 families in our community who are what we call “hidden homeless.” While they may not be out on the streets, these families are without a home and are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and to provide for their basic needs. Many people living in the motels have been there for years, unable to save enough for or even find affordable housing. We were able to hand deliver gift baskets filled with laundry detergent, basic hygiene items, gift cards to restaurants, snacks, and blankets. And we also surprised them by covering 2 weeks to 1 month of their stay at the motels. This will hopefully help them get ahead so they can get out of the motel and find a more permanent living situation.

Week 03.10 & 03.14

This week for Boldly Bless we blessed a family who was hit pretty hard during this pandemic. A woman in our church struggles with her health. She was diagnosed with a disease and goes for treatment M-F, but recently got covid and an infection. Prior and during her being sick, her and her husband were in debt over $50k. Last year they were able to pay off ALL their debt. She was very proud of that until she got covid and the infection which resulted in a lot of ER visits and hospital stays. Her husband is the sole financial provider and he was laid off due to covid. He just got his job back but is an “on call” employee. She sold her car to help pay back bills, but it was not enough and they are overwhelmed with medical bills. We were able to not only Boldly Bless her, but we have a donor who gave us almost a “match” of our boldly bless and we were able to cover a significant chunk of her medical bills, alleviating a lot of financial stress on this couple.

Week 03.03 and 03.07

This week we blessed a family in our Spanish Ministry. The husband got Covid and it hit him hard. He ended up passing away at the end of February, leaving behind a wife and 2 kids. He was the sole provider for his family and a was a key volunteer in our Spanish ministry. Pastor Noe let us know of the need and we were able to pay the full cost at Thomas Miller Mortuary, we are also covering March rent for the family, and someone else from our church heard the story and will be covering April’s rent for the family. Another person heard this story and will be paying May’s rent for this family. Listen to our phone call with his wife here.

Week 02.24 & 02.28

This week we set out to Boldly Bless several families, but we were met with a wall the first 4 blessings we tried to do. Knowing God was redirecting us, we prayed and God opened doors for us to bless 4 other families:

Two of the blessings went to single moms who, due to covid, are struggling to stay afloat this season. One of the moms was just laid off from her job. She worked in hospitality and has 5 kids. Her employer was forced to close down due to covid and had to do massive layoffs. With unemployment backed up, she feared how she was going to cover her March rent. We were able to bless her by paying her March rent.

The second mom has 3 kids and is in the hospital now from an infection. Her kids will be returning to in person school, but she does not have the means to get them prepared for school. We are blessing her and her kids with a shopping spree to get them the clothing and materials needed!

The third family we blessed is in Arizona. Unable to afford rent in CA anymore, the family relocated to AZ and has been hit with several setbacks since they moved. The husband still works in CA and commutes from AZ to CA. One of the kids had an accident and was rushed to the emergency room, they had to put down their family dog, and they lost a grandparent to covid. They really just needed a break so we blessed them with paying March rent, an Amazon gift card for some of their basic needs, and help paying the ambulance bill.

And lastly, we came across a couple in our church where the wife is ill and in pain. We wanted to bless them with a weekend getaway at the beach for a time of rest and relaxation, but because she is in constant pain, they aren’t able to travel anywhere. Feeling led to bless this family in some way, we were able to send them restaurant certificates for them to have some nice meals together from the comfort of their home.

This week felt like Jesus feeding the five thousand. Where we originally saw no feasible blessings, God opened up other doors and allowed us to spread the blessing enough to cover these 4 families.