Meet Pastor Chuck


Pastor Chuck is passionate about his relationship with God, his wife Pam, and their 5 grandkids! On any given weekend, you’re sure to be energized by his passionate commitment to teach the Bible in a way that inspires newcomers to desire more of Jesus, and challenges everyone to take a next step.

An important step in connecting with Crossroads is getting to know how we came to be. In this video you will hear Pastor Chuck’s story, which include his wife Pam, how they came to be Christians and how their path led them to Crossroads. Pastor Chuck also shares how Crossroads Church began, the vision of Crossroads and why we are a church committed to Christ, His Cause and His Community.

I watched the video! What should I do next?

In the video above, Pastor Chuck talked about three next steps that will help you grow in your faith and serve others! Click the one that seems right for you. If you need help finding the step that’s right for you, hit the “contact us” button below; we’re here to help!