Path of Life

When individuals and families find themselves out on the streets and in need of assistance Path of Life offers a helping hand. Being displaced and without a home can be traumatizing and dangerous, especially for families with children. Path of Life offers a host of resources including emergency shelter for those in need. As a church we can continue to help and support this organization by joining with them to help.

Serve With Path of Life


We have listed here just a few of the many opportunities to serve with Path of Life.

Guest Chef

Provide a meal for moms, dads, and kids living at the Path of Life family shelter.

Family Shelter Movie Night

What better way to bring joy than a family movie night?!

Arts and Crafts

Provide an art or craft workshop for displaced children.

Beautification Projects

Get your hands dirty and sweep, paint, organize, and clean!  

Upcoming Project: Place Maker Event

Join us in supporting those exiting homelessness and moving into permanent housing. Through Path of Life, families and individuals are able to move into permanent housing. These spaces often lack furniture, bedding, pots, pans, and all the things that make a house a home. We have two great opportunities to be a blessing. You can donate or purchase an item from the Wishlist below, or sign up to help deliver and set up these items on the move in day!