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Parent Cue App

App Resource

You have 936 weeks of influence from the time your child is born until they graduate. Parent Cue app (provided by our Kids Ministry curriculum) connects you with practical things to read, do, or say to engage the heart of your child this week. Download it below!

Parenting Girls

Book Resource

Parenting girls in today’s world is loaded with challenges unlike ever before. How do you encourage, protect, and parent in a world that seems like it’s designed to plant anxiety in our daughters? In her book Raising Worry Free Girls, Sissy Goff observes “It doesn’t help that we adults often don’t know she’s battling a worry monster. We only see her tears. Or anger. Or hear the endless questions. Her outsides don’t match her insides, and her worries come out sideways through a whole host of other emotions.” Click here to read a short excerpt on freeing and empowering our daughters from worry.

Family Devotional

PDF Resource
cell phone

Download this devotional to your phone for family conversations on-the-go! It covers the topics of communication, kindness, service, and gratitude!

Christian Reviews on Entertainment

Website Resource

There is a constant onslaught of new entertainment available making it hard to stay ahead of the things that our kids are seeing and hearing. We’re going to let you in on a secret…search on the website Plugged In for movies, television, video games, and music to read a Christian review! With a thorough breakdown of all of the content and themes present, you can make a decision on the media your family consumes and what conversations you may want to have before and afterwards.