Greetings from Crossroads!

A significant part of my formation as a parent and as a man was my season as a single parent.  I remember schlepping my kids around to my married friends’ gatherings and having fun but also feeling like very few “got me.”  There were dynamics I dealt with every day or week that they did not!  It always felt good to connect with someone else who knew how it felt.

If you are a single parent, would you have any interest in linking up with other single parents (co-ed) this summer?  We’ve found a solid, bible-based study that speaks directly to our single parenting community and we’re gauging interest.  Our eight gatherings would be weekly on Wednesdays starting on June 12 and running from June 19 to August 7th.  Interested people can help determine some of the details (where we meet, for example).

Please let me know if you have any interest.  Saying “yes” to this doesn’t commit you!  It just helps us know where to start.  But summer is here so it’s time to get going!  Please email and we’ll get back in touch soon if you’re interested!

Thank you for staunchly standing by your kids!!

Pastor Galen