Child Sponsorship

On city streets and rural villages throughout the world, children are living on the edge and falling through the cracks of society. Some are orphans, all are poor. These are the vulnerable, and the powerless. Their future is bleak, often without access to education, healthcare, and spiritual guidance. Crossroads has partnered with Christian Mission Fellowship (CMF) and Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya and Ramallah Christian Outreach (RCO) in The Holy Land in an earnest effort to eradicate these sad realities.

Sponsor A Child Today

Through your sponsorship, your child will receive a Christian education, medical care, nutrition, love, and so much more. For just a little more than a dollar a day, you can invest in a child and promote change in his or her community. If you want to see the heart of God come to fruition by providing for the tangible and spiritual needs of these children, click Sponsor a Child below!

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