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Ways to Watch

ways to watch
  • Enjoy live worship and the message together as a group on:
  • Catch a replay of only the message together as a group:
  • Streaming it on a Smart TV would be best if you have the right connections.

Resources for Watch Party Leaders

  • If you have gone through all the FAQs below and still have any questions, please email our Online Pastor, Pastor Justin, at
  • Also, we’d love to hear about what God is doing through your watch party. Let us know by taking a moment to fill out this form each time you meet.


We would recommend keeping these FAQs on hand to text, email, or message these links to your watch party guests.

How can I connect guests who come to my watch party for the first time?

Have them click HERE to fill out this form so they can get connected.

What can I do if someone makes a decision to follow Christ?

We encourage you to celebrate with them, ask to hear their story, and pray with them. They can let us know by clicking HERE to fill out this form so our team can follow up with them.

What happens when we give to Crossroads?

When you give to Crossroads, people find hope in the darkest times of their life. Whether we’re feeding hungry people in our city each week through our Food Pantry, building fresh water wells for people in Africa, or creating experiences for people to encounter God, your money is changing lives.

For more information on giving: Click HERE

What do I do if someone in my watch party wants to get baptized?

They can click HERE to fill out a form. Our team will follow up to set up a date to be baptized here at Crossroads.

How can someone in my watch party learn more about serving, joining or leading a LIFEGroup, or trusting God with their finances?

For more information on serving: Click HERE

For more information on LIFE Groups: Click HERE

For more information on giving: Click HERE

How can we stay connected to Crossroads Church throughout the week?

Join the conversation in our Crossroads Online Campus Community Facebook Group.

How can our watch party guests share their story with Crossroads Church?

They can email their story to Pastor Justin at

What if I know someone who wants to start a watch party?

Awesome! Have them click HERE to fill out this form.