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JHM Camp

February 21-23, 2020
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JHM is excited to introduce Winter Camp 2020 for all 6th-8thgraders!

Don’t miss the most amazing weekend ever, programmed specifically for jr. higher students, including:

  • God-centered Chapel times
  • Recreation
  • Cabin devotions
  • Yummy food
  • Building friendships and more!

When: February 21-23, 2020 @ Alpine Camp and Conference Center

Cost: $280 | First 20 students earlybird pricing: $230

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Why Winter Camp?


Winter camp is a place for students to disconnect from all the stresses of being a junior higher: school, drama, busyness. This weekend they get to spend time in the snow and grow their relationships. They will be growing their relationship with the Lord by learning more about Him through chapel times, LIFE groups, and having time to spend time alone with Him. They will also be able to connect with their peers and building relationships that put God at the center of it.

Winter Camp Theme: Content is Everything

Students fill up every moment of their lives with content. If they have downtime, it is spent watching Youtube bloggers or scrolling endless Instagram feeds. They will study hours of video or textbooks for perfect grades or to be the best in their sports. They have the constant fear of missing out and large appetites for drama in all of their relationships. For some, content is everything and eventually becomes a god. Yet, are they content in life? This weekend seeks to expose that content was never designed to be everything, that there is a Creator behind the content and trusting in Christ as your savior alone can satisfy their deepest needs and lead to a life of contentment.