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Planning Template for Transformational Group Experiences


Location: Create an environment that is warm and welcoming. This can be someone’s home or a public place like a restaurant, park, or even the Church Patio. Meet in a location where you can control distractions and interruptions. Make sure to note if your group requires details like good lighting, comfortable seating, and video access.

Life Group Study:  Research and choose a study that is well fitting for your group. Several times a year our Church offers journals that go along with a sermon series, there are great tools to use as a group.

Discussion time: Each voice matters. The goal of a life group is to dig deeper into God’s Word and also into each other’s lives. Find the place where God’s word intersects with our lives. Start with an ice breaker question to help people in your group feel comfortable and get everyone sharing.

Life Group Questions: Don’t rush through the questions. Take your time and ask to follow up questions. The goal is to keep conversation flowing and allow for everyone to share what God has put on their heart. If someone asks a question that no one has an answer to thats ok! Don’t make up an answer, instead encourage everyone to do research and come back later to discuss their findings. Don’t be afraid to tackle the hard questions. The deeper you dive into the Bible the deeper you will grow as a Life Group.

Pray: Begin and end each Life Group experience with prayer. Start by asking God to guide you during your time so that He may reveal something to everyone. We are all on our own journey with the Lord so we may not all hear the same message at that same time. Close by asking for prayer requests. No one should ever feel like they are alone when they are a part of the body of Christ.